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God I Love Mortgage Spam…Not

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So I just got this lovely email – the portion that I show above is followed by a bunch of giberish that I guess the email spammers put in the body of the note to escape spam filters.  I really wish my spam filter would just not even put […]

Are These Mortgage Ads Only Annoying to Me? The Hard Sell Mortgage

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Jeez, mortgages must be a hot topic right now – at least for advertisers.  If you frequent the Yahoo website at all, which I happen to do, you’ve probably seen several obnoxious, unavoidable mortgage ads with everything ranging from a long animal with all the states in it as […]

American Honda Finance Offers

About eight months ago, I bought a Honda CRV. I bought a Honda vehicle because of their reputation for reliability and superior construction. I knew I’d pay a little more than I would for a domestic car, but I also knew that by buying a Honda car, my 45 minute drive into work wouldn’t […]

Fact or Fiction : No Fee Checking Accounts

About a year ago, I was thinking about finally doing something about what I felt were rather high monthly fees being taken for my checking account. I have a checking account, complete with fees, with Key Bank and although I dreaded the changing over and the hassle, I finally went shopping for a new […]

High Gas Prices – Do We Need an Extra Income Just to Drive?

There was an article recently about how the high (and getting higher reportedly) gas prices are really impacting the poor and the middle income working class the hardest. To the wealth and rich, these astronomical gas prices may be a drop in the bucket, but to people who live paycheck to paycheck, and do […]

Cutting Up Your Credit Cards? Don’t Cancel Them!

This is kind of a widely known credit preservation tip, but some people still do not practice it when they are paying off credit cards and/or cutting them up and never using them again. When you stop using a credit card, and you’ve got it paid off, go ahead and cut it up if […]

Every Single One of My Friends Is in Debt

Just a quick aside, another reason I started this weblog, is because I’ve recently been asking my friends how bad of debt they are in, and they unanimously felt they were “in over their heads”, especially if they owned a home and had kids.  With the gas prices currently being outrageous, and interest rates […]

Hi and Welcome to Prime Rate Credit Blog and Credit and Loan Help Site

Hello everyone.  I’m glad you’ve found this site.  I have put this weblog together because almost everyone I know is struggling with debts that seem to be out of their control, and credit card companies just seem to be increasing interest rates, as well as loan rates and mortgage rates.  With all of this […]