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Warren Buffett : Genius, Down to Earth Billionaire

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I just had to take the time to write about some financial and business news that I thought was the most compelling I’ve read in quite a while. It has to do with business genius and multibillion dollar CEO Warren Buffett, of the multimillion dollar holding company that you’ve […]

Ford, GM to Offer Special Car Financing or Price Deals Now?

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It looks like Ford and GM, although they said they wouldn’t, may be offering special financial incentives to purchase a vehicle from them, after Daimler Chrysler announced their special pricing incentives on cars to move inventory.

Apparently, earlier in the week, GM or General Motors, announced 0% financing for […]

Free Credit Reports

Did you know, a little known fact about credit reports, is that every single person in the US is entitled to one free credit report per calendar year? That’s right, there should be no charges and no obligations to continue with any type of credit monitoring service, although most times of course most companies […]

Suze Orman : The Money Book for the Young, Fabulous and Broke

LOVE THIS BOOK! Absolutely love it. Suze Orman, the famous financial and budgeting guru, wrote this book specifically for the twentysomething age group which seems to be getting themselves in deeper and deeper credit card and bad interest rate debt, to keep up a certain type of lifestyle, drive a certain kind of car, […]

Chrysler to Offer Special Car Discounts

In effort to ousell and outperform rivals Ford and GM, both domestic car manufacturers, Chrysler is said to be offering special discounts and incentives to car buyers soon. So, if you’re in the market for a car now, check out Chrysler cars (although I’m a Honda girl myself).

Set for July, Daimler Chrysler […]

Benefits of Retiring Later

Everyone wants to retire early. I do, my friends do, my parents do, everyone does. But aren’t there some big merits to waiting a little longer? Yes, there certainly are.

First of all, you have more time to save money and get the benefit of compound interest, which is a theory where you […]

Is Netflix a Hot Stock?

Netflix has revolutionized the way we rent DVD’s. Not only has it revolutionized this area of our lives, but it has also become a verb in it’s own right ” Oh, are you gonna “netflix” it?” Well, apparently all this revolutionizing and familiarity in branding are paying off, and who knows, you may want […]

The 30 Year Mortgage Hits a New High

Apparently the rates for mortgage loans (home loans) have hit a 4 year high, due to concerns over inflation and rising housing costs. If you’re in the market for a new home, this means somewhat bad news for you.

Let’s break that down a little :

Homeownders that utilize an adjustable rate mortgage, […]

The World Boasts 8.7 Million Millionaires Now!

Apparently it’s becoming easier and easier to become a millionaire, at least according to some statistics (why am I not a millionaire yet then?) Well, apparently statistics don’t lie, because new data came out on the latest number of millionaires worldwide, and it’s something like 8.7 million!

This is not actually ALL THAT […]

The Future of the Dollar

In America, we are used to our currency, or our dollar, being one of the most valuable and trusted currencies in the world, having higher valuations than say the Mexican Peso or other foreign currencies of impoverished nations. But is the future of the dollar so bright, or are we in for a “doomsday” […]