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Minimum Wage to Increase?

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The House reportedly just approved an increase in the minimum wage for US workers currently making the minimum hourly wage, a good thing hopefully for the economy and people in the end. They paired it kind of oddly though, with a decrease in large estate taxes after lobbying by […]

Good Time for Home Buyers

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The home buying market is excellent – for home buyers, not sellers, that is. That’s right, a hugely increasing supply of for-sale homes is translating into flat prices, and unfortunately for sellers, a long wait on the market to sell their homes to a buyer.

This is all […]

Chase Platinum Credit Card Deal

Chase Platinum, which is almost akin to a “Gold” status credit card, which just means you are eligible for better interests rates because you are a better credit risk for credit card companies, is offering a Platinum Low Interest Credit Card Special. Here are the details of this special credit offer that I saw […]

Capital One Money Offers Money Markets?

I recently got a solicitation from the huge credit card lender Capital One, known for their infamous “pillaging” commercials where customers are being exploited for high APR’s on their credit cards, but not for a credit card solicitation, rather a new money market account they are offering.

What is a money market? It’s […]

The Roth IRA Advantage

I never really understood what the difference was between a Roth IRA and a traditional 401k or other long term investment fund, and I guess it all has to do with taxes (yay – love taxes, they’re so easy to understand).

Here it goes : The biggest different between a Roth IRA and […]

NextStudent.com Offers Student Loans

I found this student loan website which offers “good deals” on student loans for kids that are in college, or kids that are thinking about attending a college after highschool.

They offer a loan with no application fees or out of pocket expenses, although to my knowledge, most federal loans for students do […]

Free Credit Report at AnnualCreditReport.com

I recently needed to order my credit report, since I am seriously considering buying a house soon. I wanted to see if I had anything on there that I needed to be aware of, which could affect my mortgage loan rate, or even just the ability for me to get a decent sized preapproval […]

Current Mortgage Rates at BankRate

I saw these latest mortgage rates posted by Bankrate.com. By the way, apparently the mortgage rates for the most common mortgage term, the 30 year mortgage, are currently dropping, but there’s no telling when they may rise again.

Current Mortgage Rates

30 yr fixed mtg 6.31% 15 yr fixed mtg 6.02% 30 […]

Mortgages : Bad Buyer’s Market?

It’s been said lately that the home buying market offers a not so great mortgage lending market, but a really great house buying market, because of an overabundance of homes on the market waiting to be sold, and on the flip side, the mortgage companies are offering higher rates because of the new rate […]

6 Tips for Saving on Gas

You may not have thought of some of these tips. This is actually an article that I syndicated across the net about some more little known ways that you can save on gas. We all could use a litle more pocket changes these days, so I hope you find at least one of these […]