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New Home Sale Dropped Significantly in August

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Well, new home sales look to be taking another down turn for this month – to the tune of almost 5%, which is fairly significant in the world of mortgage lending and mortgages, home buyer’s market, and the economy in general. Is it a sign of a slow economy, […]

Home Prices Slide Further

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According to the National Association of Realtors, the average price of homes has taken a turn for the worse, in light of interest rate fluctuation and a freeze on the home buying market in general, owing to a weak economy.

This is now the second fiscal quarter in a […]

Credit for College

What are the best credit card options to get for a kid in college? Are there any that fit this bill? Well, obviously we all know that credit card companies can really charge a huge interest tab to “high risk” college students who may not have necessarity built the greatest credit record for themselves, […]

Consumers in Record Debt

In a recent report, it has been determined that consumers – American consumers, that is – are in more debt than they’ve ever been in. But they’re not borrowing simply to buy items that they shouldn’t be – they’re borrowing to dig themselves out of other debts, which is actually worse and signifies a […]

Mortgage Loan Roller Coaster Continues

OK, I know it’s been a rough ride lately, but there is some good news now for those looking to buy a new home. Mortgage loans are back baby – meaning they are now offering lower interest rates on mortgages again.

Ben Bernanke, the almighty money controller in the US, has decided not […]

Americans Juggling Spending, Energy Costs

With the high energy costs, including the outrageous cost of gasoline lately in the US and abroad, Americans are having to budget less on extracurricular spending and more on energy costs such as electric, heat, air conditioning, and most of all, gas to get them from point a to point b and to and […]