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Gas is Below $2.00 By Me!

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Woohoo! Finally some good news for those of us that own SUV’s – heck for all of us who even own a car! Gas is going down, down down. By me right now, in the greater Cleveland area, one gas station just sank to $1.99 a gallon. This is […]

Home Prices Dropped

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Remember how we’ve been talking about how dismal the home sales market has been looking? Well apparently finally home prices have followed suit to their failing sales, and home prices have now dropped, probably due to a lower demand and market for new homes.

Booming home prices is […]

Will People’s Budgets Rebound with Gas Prices Lowering?

It seems the gas noose that was tightening over all of our wallets and putting a severe damper on consumer spending on fun stuff, may be loosening it’s grip just a bit.

At least I know in my household it is. Instead of dropping $40 at the gas pump every time, now I […]

People Trying to Sell Homes Now Frustrated

People have been trying to sell homes now that have been on the market for months, or worse – 2-3 years in some cases, and simply will not garner any buyer interest right now. The seller’s market is absolutely horrendous right now in the home buying realm, by most accounts from real estate agents […]