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Online Stock Trading at Hacker Risk?

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Well, I knew it was only a matter of time before hackers began targeting another more popular and increasingly lucrative market in their n’er to well scams to steal people’s money online by hacking their credit card numbers and personal information and many times stealing identities so they can […]

College Tuition Increases : Financial Aid Stays Same

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It would certainly be nice to think that as the national average for college tuitions rises, so would the corresponding financial aid outlets that these young students expect to receive. And it would make sense – but what makes sense isn’t always so, as we so callously find out […]

Stock Market Rebounding?

I’ve noticed lately my 401k is FINALLY going back up. It’s about time. For about two years it seems I’ve been dumping my money down a pit, and a pit that doesn’t return much at that!

Lately I’ve been checking my 401k balance online and noticed that it is substantially increasing every time […]

ARM Mortgages : What Are They?

I had heard of the ARM Mortgage before, and didn’t necessarily understand what the heck it was nor whether it might be more beneficial to some of us who were in the market to buy a house.

Well, now I know what it is. ARM stands for Adjustable Rate Mortgage. The basic idea […]

Choicepoint Security Breach Victims Still Not Paid

Do you remember when Choicepoint, a major supplier of consumer credit reports to major credit card and lending institutions, had a major security breach? Well, the people involved in that breach – or the people who’s personal credit histories and financial information was compromised, have not yet been paid their settlement out of a […]

Airline Miles Credit Cards

If you’re like me, a credit card that offers a point system where you can build “points” up toward the purchase of something fairly major, is pretty appealing. Especially when the thing credit cards are most well known for is draining our wallet of our hard earned money with nothing in return, except for […]

Check In To Money Markets!

I always thought money market accounts were kind of a waste of my time – and money, and that my money could possibly be working harder for me in some other sort of fund or investment, but I still needed the liquidity of something like a money market – something I could “cash out […]

Borrowing Against Your Retirement Account

I actually did this once, borrowed money against my 401k retirement account, but I only did so because I needed a quick $1,000 for a personal emergency, and I knew that when I paid myself back I’d being paying myself interest rather than paying some lending company my hard earned money in interest.