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Cool Credit Card Designs Get You to Spend More?

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Well, apparently that’s what some credit card companies are thinking anyways. They are banking on the idea that consumers will reach for a cool, neat looking designed credit card more often than they will a blah, boring design of yesterday, so they are all trying to out do one […]

Wal-Mart Credit Card : Good Deal?

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I was looking online for credit deals recently and came across a credit card that has the behemoth Wal-Mart name on it, but it is issued by a bank called GE Money Bank. I wanted to find out what type of deal this Wal-Mart credit card offered, so I […]

Is the New Bankruptcy Law Really “Good”?

The new bankruptcy law, signed in 2005, was designed to prevent something that I think would be in all of our best interests to prevent, the abuse of filing for bankruptcy, which up until then was admittedly a tad too easy for almost anyone to do.

The numbers of bankruptcies filed since the […]

Do Credit Cards Try to Get You NOT to Pay Balances?

I always find it curious that if you made say a $50 purchase on a card that has a zero balance, and then you go in to your account over the next few days to try to pay that amount, it is extremely tricky to do so.

Maybe I’m just being paranoid of […]

Beware the Credit Card Holiday Trap!

Everyone falls into it – almost everyone who isn’t independently wealthy without a whole lot of care in the world about getting their bills paid. This does not include the majority of us, who live paycheck to paycheck, and try to find little ways to save money throughout the year so we don’t have […]

Holiday Scams to Rip Your Credit Off

We talked at length about the identity theft scams of phishing and other forms of identity and credit theft a few posts ago. Well, it’s been reported that unscrupulous thieves and scam artists are even more rampant to steal your money around the holidays.

More phishing emails are sent out, masked as either […]

Home Construction Way Down for October

More bad news for new home sales here in the US of A unfortunately. The latest news shows that new home construction was way down from it’s usual number just this October. This was an estimated 15% drop from September home construction, which means the housing boom is definitely over and done with and […]

Identity Theft Prevention

Identity theft is becoming an increasingly used buzzword in today’s high tech world of online banking and bill paying, and with the advent of services like Paypal and shopping cart. We hear about identity theft in the news all the time, and we think we very well may be at risk, but we’re not […]

Interest Rates Depend On..

Looks like the Fed (Federal Reserve, chaired now by Ben Bernanke, who took over for Alan Greenspan, arguably “the most powerful man in the US”), is waiting to see how retail holiday sales go before deciding on whether to hike federal interest rates, so folks, maybe we should be spending with reckless abandon this […]

Wal-Mart Black Friday

If you’re a fan of Wal-Mart, or are familiar with their yearly holiday marketing, you know that Wal-Mart has some really great “Black Friday” deals usually. What’s black Friday?

It’s the coined term for the day after Thanksgiving, when bargain hunters and shoppers are out in full force, to get the best bargain […]