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Start Retirement Fund Early!

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I know this is a little off the subject of credit, but it’s still very important nonetheless, and I really try to tell all my friends who have not started a retirement fund (especially those that have a good 401k account plan at work), that they are literally throwing […]

Credit Card Rewards Programs Being Scaled Back?

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Supposedly, one of the trends that may be coming up in the world of popular rewards-style credit cards, which entice consumers to spend using their card since they will get some sort of points or credit toward cash back or other purchases, may be scaling back a bit. For […]

Cell Phone Credit Card Swipe?

This one was weird, really weird, and I don’t think I’ll follow this trend, although I do try to keep up with the latest trends in credit cards and debit cards as payment methods, well, because quite simply, I don’t want to fall behind in the technology sector like so many others tend to […]

United’s Airfare Deals

Well, maybe you won’t have to whip out the airfair frequent flyer miles credit card this month, if you hop on the bandwagon and enjoy one of the newly reduced United Airlines fares that they have recently introduced in their post holiday airfare sale.

The airline has apparently done this a few times […]

Tis the Season for Returns, and Credit Card Remorse

That’s right everyone, Christmas is officially over today. All that hustle and bustle, rushing around to find Aunt Wilma the perfect flower pot and Uncle Bill the perfect golf clubs is finally over, and you’re now left with, well, returns and credit card remorse.

What’s credit card remorse? Well, it’s that thing we […]

Happy Holidays from Prime Rate Credit!

I wanted to wish all our readers out there a safe and happy holiday, no matter what you celebrate. Today is Christmas, which is what I happen to celebrate, so I will be seeing you tomorrow or the next day. Depends on how much I eat!


How Good Paying Off Balances Feels..

I read a powerful piece by my favorite financial self help guru, Suze Orman, the short haired blonde dynamo who seems to really care about the people she tutors in the ways of money.

Suze was saying what you choose in the new year to do in January as far as paying off […]

Holiday Loans and Deferrments, Good or Bad?

Well, they’re usually bad – very bad. Chances are, if you have a credit card, a car loan or any other type of small loan, or even maybe a mortgage, you’ve probably been solicited by your lending institution to waive a month’s payment for the month of December, when everyone is financially more strapped […]

Mortgage Rates Go Back Up

For the first time in several weeks now, it is being reported that mortgage rates are on the rise again. However, economists are saying the the rising mortgage rates should not raise so high that they further discourage prospective homebuyers in an already weak home buying market, since they are not even expected to […]

College Graduate Savings Accounts

College graduates nowadays are coming out of school with a lot of financial baggage in the form of student loans out the ying yang, and many times they start a job at the bottom of the totem pole and have a hard time even scraping by paying their existing bills, let alone putting away […]