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Store Credit Card Incentives

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Have you ever had an in-store credit card, like a Kaufmann’s charge card, or a smaller retail establishment’s credit card before that offers incentives for buying more of your retail needs there? I recently gave in and signed up for an Express credit card, because I buy quite a […]

Sources of Credit : A History

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Prior to the 1970’s, there were fewer alternatives available to consumers for credit options. There were federal and state regulations that restricted the kinds of lending the financial institutions were permitted to do. With the 1970’s and 1980’s, major changes took place with financial deregulation. Today, there are a […]

Mortgage Loans for Your Situation

There are so many mortgage loans and programs available today that it can be overwhelming. Which option is best for you depends on your situation. Variables to consider would be how much has been saved for a down payment, your income and whether you’re a first time home buyer or not. The most commonly […]

Special Airline Credit Offers, and Why They’re Worth It

I recently got myself a Key Bank Continental Airlines rewards airline miles card (about six months ago), and am well on my way to earning myself a free ticket to anywhere in the continental US right now! I figured that since I use my credit/debit card so much – I rarely use cash any […]

Bulls and Bears : Why I Love This Show!

OK, second time’s a charm. For some reason the first time I wrote this post, it didn’t save – ARGH, the wonders of the internet. Ok, I wanted to talk a little about the incredibly addictive investment and stock picking show on Fox called Bulls and Bears. I would compare this show to the […]

Credit & Debit Cards Get In on Fast Food Game, Big Time

Have you noticed the amount of fast food joints that now take credit cards and debit cards, and many of them with no minimum purchase, as was common in the past, before the “age of the debit card” almost forceably made them accept these highly popular forms of payment.

These days, fast food […]

Signs You’re in Credit Card Debt Over Your Head

There are warning signs, in regards to credit card debt, that you are in over your head. If you are making just the minimum payments on your credit card debt each month, you are incurring huge interest rates from purchases made months or even years ago. If you have no savings and are paying […]

The Challenges of House Hunting

Recently I’ve had the first-time experience of shopping around for my first home. That’s right, for me, the days of care-free, maintenance-free renting, small storage spaces, and restrictive landlord policies on everything from decor to parking spots have grown tiresome, and I’m ready to finally take the plunge into full fledged homeownership. The challenges […]

Millionaire Santa Dies

The man who was best known for giving away over one million dollars anonymously, has succumbed to cancer recently. The man, whose name is Larry Stewart, died at the age of 58 (why do the good always die young?), and was known for just walking to streets around the holidays and giving various people […]

Money Markets

Money markets are an excellent alternative to often very low return savings accounts, especially, if like me, you are saving for something and want your money to earn a little more in return than a lousy 1 or 2%, which is the typical APR earned on savings accounts held at traditional savings and loan […]