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Credit Card Misuse : Eduction is Key

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There is a lot of awareness out there, especially for college students with credit cards, that the likelihood of every one of us, especially thos more in financial need, such as college students, are bound to misuse credit cards, or over-use them, at some point in our life. Heck, […]

Gasoline Surcharges Still Around?

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We’ve all seen that (thankfully), gas prices have continued on their much-welcomed downward spiral since the end of the summer time, but why are we still seeing them rebound into dangerous almost-three dollar a gallon territory once in a while now, after the supposed shortage and scares are over? […]

The New “Good Credit Card Debt”

This is an interesting spin on credit card debt. Some people are taking their high interest debt, in the form of high interest mortgages or ARM’s, which are Adjustable Rate Mortgages, which tend to be adjusted to the detriment of the home owner when the financing interest rates are going up in general.


Advantages of Direct Deposit

In this day and age of simplified automation and pure laziness – well, maybe lack of time is how we’ll put it, automated banking and savings services have really burned a pioneering path in to the new age of financial ease in savings, deposits, investments and more. Automated deposits into most kinds of accounts […]

Arguing Credit Card Late Fees

Late fees. Everyone hates them, and even the most conscientious bill payers has to foot them once in a while because of a mistake, an oversight or just plain old bad timing for the bills. I’ve had to deal with late fees on my favorite credit cards before, and almost every time I’ve successfully […]

Credit Card Intro Offers

I recently got a credit card offer in the mail for a credit card with a credit line of up to $20,000, a 0% APR for the first year if I used a balance transfer, and no annual fee. This sounds pretty good doesn’t it? I think it does, especially if I had balances […]

Fee Based Credit Cards

Everyone tends to run for the hills when they see a fee attached in any way to signing up for a credit card. And rightfully so, especially if that credit card is not one of the best airline credit cards,or something that offers a point system toward purchases that isn’t essentially paying the consumer […]

Mortgage and Home Buying Costs You Don’t Consider

I am going through a possible home buying process right now. In other words, I’ve applied for a mortgage. It’s the first time I’ve done so, and I’m finding that it is very wise that we saved up a decent nest egg before we plunged into this process, since there are several hidden fees […]

Congress to Crack Down on Credit Card Companies?

Well, anything is possible I suppose, with the Democrats taking control of the congress. But I guess regardless of the political part in control of congress, we cannot be sure of who is giving significant campaign contributions to a political party and large credit card subsidiaries and conglomerates.

Here are some of the things […]

Why You Might Not Want to Play the Lottery

I have a lot of acquaintences and family members who religiously play the state sponsored lottery. They play either all the time, or they play only when the super lotto jackpot is high enough to justify wasting a few bucks on a ticket that is one out of millions or billions of tickets, and […]