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Tax Filing Deadline Coming Up…

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Tax experts are saying that when it comes to tax time, you might want to slow things down a bit and make sure you are filing correctly and giving yourself the benefit of the doubt with maximum deductions to ensure you are not paying the government more than you […]

College Credit

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College loans come in many forms, and unfortunately, some student loans are good and will only accumulate a small amount of student debt after one graduates from college, and some are plain old bad, resulting in huge amounts to be paid by the college student after they graduate. Also, […]

Coinstar Machines Rule!

I just had my first experience with the Coinstar machines, those machines that take all your change and turn it into money so you can spend it, and I am going to be a Coinstar machine regular from now on, believe me. It’s a very cool concept, and I’m jealous of whoever thought of […]

Winning the Lottery Invites Trouble

Jeez, everything I’ve seen so far about high profile lottery winners is that winning the lottery has just invited a lot of trouble in to their lives. I guess it’s kind of the cliche “be careful what you wish for”. The latest story about people winning the lottery getting into trouble is out of […]

Tax Credits for Eco-Friendliness

Well, this is certainly a step in teh right direction for ongoing eco-consciousness around the world. The government has made a smart and environmentally friendly decision to give people an incentive to be environmentally conscience in their lifestyle choices, including their choice of vehicle and heating supply for their homes.

The cool thing […]

New Home Sales at All Time Low?

Well, almost. New homes being built, as in from the ground up, such as Ryan and Drees homes and other contracted-out homes being built from scratch, are apparently at a low point right now, assuming they’re even worse than existing homes being sold, which is pretty dismal seeing as though the existing home sales […]

Checking Your Credit Report : The Basics

First off, it’s good to know that when ordering your credit, you are basically dealing with your past credit information on how you’d handled past financial loans and transactions, as compiled by the “big three” credit reporting bureaus. Those big three are Transunion, Equifax and Experian.

These three agencies share information and compile […]

Bankrate.com Offers to Inform Loan Shoppers

This is a website I’ve really come to enjoy lately. It’s called Bankrate.com, and it offers objective information on the latest in mortgage loan news, credit card information and generally keeps a consumer informed of any changes in the huge and often confusing world of personal finance, equity and financial gains.

Among their […]

AARP Encourages Saving Tax Refunds

A very cool new tax change has occurred in which the government is encouraging tax payers who get a tax refund check to actually be able to deposit the tax refund into up to three different, separate accounts. It may not sound like that big of a deal, but the AARP is currently encouraging […]

Shop for Mortgages BEFORE You Shop for House?

As I explained to you all in the last few posts, I am currently going through the first time home buying experience, and boy oh boy, what a ride it has been! Now, don’t get me wrong, up until now it’s been a somewhat smooth process, but we’ve had to deal with some less […]