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The Different Forms of Bankruptcy

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When all attempts to clean up your credit, seek help, make more income and get yourself back on track have not worked, there may be no other alternative than bankruptcy.

There are a number of different forms of bankruptcy and certain legal matters in bankruptcy vary from state […]

IRA : Couldn’t Be Happier

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I recently was advised to open up an IRA account, and I really couldn’t be happier with it. It’s basically a savings account that is tax exempt until I cash it out at a certain age, and all the money that goes into it each year will reduce my […]

Credit and Divorce

I don’t know how many times I’ve heard the story about how so and so got divorced, but they didn’t “divorce” themselves from the racked up credit cards, loans and other “bad debt” that they and their spouse shared together.

So, how does it usually work when two people get divorced? Usually, if […]

Protecting Your Assets

We all work hard to attain and maintain our financial assets, whether it is our home, our vehicles, our savings or retirement plans. With many different life scenarios, these assets we have worked so hard for, can be lost quickly due to divorce, illness or financial difficulties.

You can find out about a […]

Student Loan Scheme Being Investigated

Studen Loan Xpress, a student loan company, and officials at Johns Hopkins University are being investigated for a scheme which involved the officials, who are supposed to be unbiased and only steer students in their best interests instead of benefitting from financial gains.

The problem is that an undisclosed kickback scheme was going […]

Interesting Theory on Skyrocketing Foreclosures

We all have heard personal stories that are pretty close to home about someone who had their home foreclosed by the bank they borrowed the money from for their monthly mortgage. But why have these stories significantly increased, and why is everyone walking on eggshells when they go to buy a house now, for […]

February Reports Less Mortgage Borrowing Activity

February has reported lower than average mortgage borrowing activity, and it’s no wonder why in the wake of all this bad publicity on mortgage lenders over extending credit to those who were not necessarily able to repay their debts, and a record amount of foreclosures, as well as bad publicity for some mortgage lenders […]

Home Buyer and Seller Market

According to most real estate analysts and forecasters, the once boom market that saw a crash landing during 2006, is starting to stabilize. Nationwide, single family home prices should rise an average of 3.5% in 2007.

If you’re in the market and looking to buy, look for homes that have been up for sale […]

Fees, Fees, Everywhere!

The cost of living is on the rise. Just look at gas prices, the grocery bills and home heating bills that have skyrocketed. Most of us shop and look from one gas station to another to see which one is lowest for the day when we need to refuel. For groceries, we read the […]

Debit Card Laws Left Unprotected Against Identity Theft?

It appears that having a debit card fraudulently used may be a much worse thing than having an occurrence involving theft with a credit card. According to a news story that recently broke on the recent breach of consumer information involving retail outlets TJ Maxx and it’s partners, credit card consumers were pretty much […]