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Raising Your FICO Score on Your Own

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We’ve all seen the ads for credit repair specialists saying that they can help us repair our credit, of course for a price, but isn’t this something that happens naturally, as we prove our financial reliability to our creditors and lenders?

Well, there are some steps apparently that […]

Amazon Offers “Amazon Prime”

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Amazon has gotten into the credit card game I noticed today when I purchased a vaccum cleaner from the online retail giant. It’s called Amazon Prime,and it offers a pretty decent interest rate, and the incentive to sign up for the card is a clever one, I must admit. […]

Six Months Same as Cash Popular Financing Option for Furniture

We recently purchased a house, and on top of all the abundance of mortgage information, there are other financing options that you have to look into when buying things that are necessities or “home improvements” for you new home. One of those necessities is furniture and electronics such as TV’s, DVD players and stereos, […]

Baby Boomers More Prone to Bankruptcy?

Supposedly, according to some new data, baby boomers, that age category that many of our parents fall into, or you yourself may fall into, are falling prey to increasing bankruptcy filings. The reasons are thought to be the fact that health care costs are much higher now and since they start requiring more health […]

Feds Keep Interest Rates Steady

For one piece of good news in what seems like a constant stream of either bad or so so news for our economony and for our personal financial situations, the “Fed” as they’re affectinoately called, has decided to keep interest rates at an even keel for just under a year now, deciding to keep […]

Specialty Credit Cards

Specialty credit cards are quite a novelty nowadays, with everything from earning points toward some obscure merchandise sent out in a catalogue every year, to earning cash back from spending on the card, to one of my favorite, ingenius cards, the awesome airline miles credit card where you earn points toward a certain airline’s […]

Much Needed Mortgage Reform Debate in Congress

What is mortgage reform? Well, I think since the amount of bank foreclosures on homes that the owners simply cannot pay for is alarming to many, and has been so bad in these past few years, that it is drawing attention on Capitol Hill from lawmakers who are concerned that people are being sold […]

SEC Investigates Another Insider Trading Scheme

Seems like there’s been lots of news about insider trading lately huh? Well, this time the accusations are directed at a Hong Kong couple who bought about 15 million dollars worth of Dow Jones Inc. stock about two weeks before a big announcement that Rupert Murdoch’s giant company News Corp. had made a bid […]

A Solid Investment Plan

One very important component to investment planning is to learn how to become a saver. If you can not do 10 percent of your income right away, then start small with a 1 percent contribution to your 401 K.

Gradually, as your conditions allow, increase this amount to 10 percent, If you can […]

Waiters Indicted on Credit Card Fraud

It’s one of those stories that you hope to God you never become a part of – as the unwitting victim, that is. This is one of the most heinous and gutsy credit card fraud stories I’ve heard in quite a while, and it will definitely have you thinking a little more about the […]