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Thinking of Consolidating?

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There may be some good news for those of you who A.) own a home and B.) have been thinking of using the equity leverage of your home to help you to consolidate some high interest debts that are doing nothing to help improve your financial standing and in […]

Saving for Emergencies

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I read a story the other day that really touched a nerve with me, because I had lived in constant fear of how I was going to pay my bills month to month, let alone my rent in my small one bedroom apartment my boyfriend affectionately now calls the […]

United Airline Miles Credit Card

I’ve decided that I’ll be definitely signing up for a United frequent flier miles credit card for business purposes. The reason I chose the United airline miles credit card is because first of all, I like to fly United, and second of all, the United Business Airline miles credit card that I researched has […]

Selecting a Stockbroker or Financial Analyst

When the need arose in my personal life that I financially wanted a stockbroker to assist with investing money, my choice was simple. I went to a stockbroker my parents had used for many years who I knew was honest, helped their money grow and he had a known good track record with them. […]

Phishing Banking and Credit Card Scams Still on Rise

In the age of increased cyber awareness, it’s a wonder that online identity thieves still find it worthwhile to send out what are called “phishing” emails to get people to unwittingly give up their personal information, credit card numbers, and bank routing and account numbers over the internet and have hundreds if not thousands […]

Why Does Cancelling Credit Cards Not Help Credit?

I remember when I was in my early twenties, trying to pick up the mess my credit score and finances had become after I found myself in over my head with credit card debt. At that time, I did not know that you shouldn’t actually cancel your credit cards, but instead you should just […]

More Bad News to the Mortgage Market

Well, in the already struggling home buying and home selling business, more bad news strikes, in the form of record ten months mortgage loan rate highs. That means the mortgage loan interest rates have gone up, to the detriment of both home buyers and home sellers alike, in an already struggling home market which […]

Rent or Own?

To rent or to own, that is the question on many 20 and 30 something year olds right about now. With the home buying market still at a buyer’s advantage, it’s still a good time to buy a home, but the sellers market is still struggling amidst a lot of uncertainty in the housing […]

Ben Bernanke Gets Passionate About Young Budgets

Ben Bernanke, the guy who took over as the head of the federal reserve after Alan Greenspan retired, and arguably one of the most powerful men in America, is getting passionate about teaching youngsters (by this we mean teens and college students) about finances. It is a pre-emptive strike against all the trouble young […]