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Using a Zero Percent Credit Card Offer to Your Benefit

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We all get them, all the time. Especially if we have good or halfway decent credit. Those zero percent introductory credit card offers, checks, and special credit card offers that will give us either no interest for a specified period of time, or a dramatically slashed interest rate or […]

New “Status” Credit Card Appeal

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You know, as with everything else, they just had to make credit cards that would appeal to that small segment of the population that wants everything to be a status symbol, and a super-high end testament to the high lifestyles that some of us like to live. Credit cards […]

Budgeting Your Money

If you’re like most American families, it seems as if there’s never enough money to stretch from paycheck to paycheck, let alone put something into savings for future use and interest growth. There are some tips on saving money or, at least, items you can assess to see if they’re worth spending money on […]

New Info Shows Credit Cards Can Make You Fatter!

Well, it’s no news that credit cards and their many faces have made everything more convenient here in the US, but it is sorta news that having credit cards, debit cards and prepaid credit cards can actually contribute to making us fatter. Why? Well, of course this is a little hoaky to report on […]

Is an Insurance Policy a Good Investment?

Some say that buying whole life insurance, the type that you pay for dearly every month, but it also returns your premiums (and then some, if all goes right) at the end of the policy term, is a bad idea. The only reason they say it might be a good idea is if you […]

Credit Card Delinquencies Fall, Mortgages Rise

In what seems like a slight oxymoron, credit card payment delinquencies (credit card payments that are pretty late in other words, usually over one month and into several months late) were on the decline for June and home equity loan delinquencies were on the rise for a one and a half year high according […]

Financial Affluence on the Rise?

It seems that the dubbed “affluent” of the population here in the United States has grown over the past few years, despite the economy being in the toilet so to speak. Who knows why the affluent sector has grown during hard economic times, but it is said that mostly the blue collar class has […]

Choosing the Right Bank

In the event that you are a young adult looking for your first bank or if you are already established with a bank, but are disillusioned with your present bank for some reason, what do you look for when selecting a bank? Probably, the first item to look at is the location. Is there […]

Credit Card Giant Visa Going Public

Wow, I read this and thought I must be behind on the times, because I thought such a huge conglomerate like Visa would have already gone public and offered it’s IPO (initial public offering of public stock) to the public so that it can become an internationally traded company on the stock exchange.


Credit Unions to Avoid Bank Fees?

Well, yes, and I wouldn’t blame anyone who chooses a credit union over a traditional, corporate-backed bank these days either, since the banking fees, including service fees, atm fees, and overdraft fees tends to be in the ridiculous amount are lately! I recently read that a lot of people are choosing to give up […]