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Money High on List for College Students

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Ah, where have the idealists of yesterday gone? It seems that today’s wealth and celebrity obsessed culture is finally rubbing off on our youngest proteges, the future of the world, who used to be a pretty idealistic group – the college students of today. Gosh, back in the sixties […]

Winning Lottery Not Such Blessing Sometimes?

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I know I wrote about this a few months back, shoot, maybe even as far back as a year ago, about the guy in West Virginia who won the largest single Poweball jackpot ever, over 300 million dollars, a couple years ago. His name is Jack Whittaker, and he […]

Maybe It is Better to Use a Credit Card vs. Cash!

Hmm. Read an interesting article today, something that really hit home for me. It was about how when people have cash, they really tend to spend it without thinking, and then wonder how they spent it when they see that it is all gone. It struck a cord for me, because this is absolutely […]

FTC Investigating Misleading Mortgage Ads

The FTC, or Federal Trade Comission, has announced that it is currently investigating several mortgage lenders for what they called misleading and sometimes downright deceptive advertising practices. Their findings could, in the end, lead to several civil lawsuits from people complaining that they have been detrimentally affected by extremely misleading advertising.

Some of […]

Money Markets Not Federally Insured?

Yes, I almost wept when I read this too. For some reason, I guess I thought that since the majority of money market funds are invested in FDIC insured banks and financial institutions, that in the event of a major market meltdown, my money market fund would be protected by the federal government for […]

Credit Card Companies Slowing Offers

I read an interesting article the other day about how, because of the worsening housing situation and more and more people defaulting on mortgage loans (the ripple effect), credit card companies are taking their cues from this slow down, and are starting to pull back a bit on their marketing campaigns, including direct mail […]

Good Debt vs. Bad Debt

I always thought it funny when I’d hear financial wizzes and others that thought they knew a lot about finances say there is a difference between debts. I always thought all debt was “bad”, but apparently there’s been a line drawn and there is such a thing as good debt and bad debt, and […]

In the Market for a Mobile Home?

So, we’ve talked a lot of the past few months about the mortgage and housing situation currently going on here in the US, and how it is a prime opportunity for buyers to think about shopping around for a house.

What we haven’t talked about is other types of financing for home buyers, […]

Money Markets for Liquidity

I had an appointment with a financial advisor recently and asked him, if I had planned on getting a part time job instead of what I am doing now, and pursue my outside business interests more on a full time basis, what should I start doing now, to help ensure I would have a […]

United Miles Card Seems to Be Better than Continental

OK, so I’m not sure of all the ins and outs of each card here, but I do now have both a United Airline Miles credit card and a Continental airline miles credit card, and I think I’m really preferring the United card over the Continental card, because I seem to be racking up […]