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Credit Card Penalty Interest Triggers

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Not all credit card companies operate the same, not by a long shot. However, with the stricter rules and guidelines that many creditors are going by these days, in light of the current economy and tightening credit systems and increased defaults on payments, they are actually putting tighter restrictions […]

Good News in The Mortgage Foreclosure Arena

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Apparently things might be softening up a bit for mortgage companies, or at least for homeowners, in the arena of mortgage foreclosures that we seem to hear about in the news now all the time. A company that started tracking foreclosure rates and housing trends back in 2005 (I […]

Living Above Your Means?

All of us, at one point or another, feel like we’re going to lose it when it comes to paying bills, keeping track of what you’ve paid out to whom, and the sheer frustration that occurs when you simply don’t have enough to pay the bills, and it seems like you are constantly “robbing […]

Income Gap Widening Even More

Yes, the rich people are getting richer, and the income gap here in the US, as if it wasn’t bad enough a couple years ago with the descrepancy between rich family income and poor family income, has widened even more according to reports by the IRS, the Internal Revenue Service, the agency which has […]

Credit Card Survey

Recently, a study was done by J. D. Power and associates of California, from a survey of almost 8,000 consumers to assess customer satisfaction with the 10 biggest credit card companies in America. Different features of the credit cards that were evaluated were the card’s benefits, the fees and rates, the billing and payment […]

Heat Bills Higher?

It seems we get this scare every fall, in prospect of the coming winter, that heating costs are going to rise, especially in respect to gas heat. Well this year the biggest rise is expected out of electric heating, which is a change from previous years, with all the fluctuations of gas prices as […]

Black Friday Shopping Already?

Yep, I can never believe when it is barely the end of September, and I’m already seeing the Christmas bags at fast food restaurants, the ads to online shopping deals on Black Friday (the playfully named day after Thanksgiving, which is the most notorious holiday shopping day according to mythology, but has actually been […]

Bad Credit Repair Needs?

I was perusing this website which helps its clients clean up their bad credit by using a systematic approach of working with creditors and helping you to stay on track by tracking your progress and negotiating possible lower rates to get the credit help they need. I had to go through such a program […]

Get a Credit Card Without Signing Up?

Hmm. This was a weird one, I must say. You know how many credit card solicitations in the mail for all kinds of different credit cards like low apr credit cards, balance transfer credit cards, credit cards for bad credit, and every other credit card under the sun, comes with something that looks just […]

What’s the Security Code on a Credit Card?

Well, before the massive popularity of online shopping really took hold, and you pretty much had to have a credit card to take part in any online commerce at all, no one really knew what a “security code” was on a credit card, let alone where to find this necessary little identifier of identity […]