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Credit Giant Citigroup to Cut Jobs

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Another casualty of the increasing credit and mortgage crisis is going to be jobs and livelihoods of many workers for one of the largest credit conglomerates in the US today, Citigroup. You may even have a credit card or a loan bearing their name, however, this wasn’t enough to […]

“Cyber Monday” Deals?

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Are you an online shopper like me for the holidays? I’ll tell you what, I didn’t used to be, until the long lines, and hot malls with overcrowded walkways and even more crowded, stuffy stores, was enough to make me into an online shopper/connisseur quicker than you can say […]

Black Friday Bust or Busy?

Black Friday is today, and if you’re a die hard Christmas shopper, there are many stores that open the night of Thanksgiving at midnight, and even at four oclock in the morning on the 23rd so you can get “door buster deals” and other special early bird discounts if you’re one of those that […]

Teaching Kids Financial Responsibility

Parents send their children to college to become prepared for a better job and be financially independent and stable. Along with educating our youth through college credits, parents need to educate them on using credit responsibly.

When college students are applying for credit cards, parents should teach them to look at the annual percentage […]

Mortgage Bail Outs Making Some Mad

You’d think that the government intervening to save people from increased ARM mortgage loan interest rates and bailing scores from impending foreclosure would be welcome. To those that is bails out, it most certainly is, but to those of us that pay the taxes to help bail those out of trouble that may not […]

What a Fed Rate Cut Could Mean

We’ve been hearing so much about the “Fed” possibly cutting those rates lately on and off, and you were probably wondering what that really meant for regular folks like you and me. At least I know I was.

That is, I was wondering if it really meant anything to me personally or your […]

The Collapse of the Almighty Dollar?

I recently read an interesting article about how the most currently famous model in the world, Gisele Bunchen, is demanding to be paid only in any denomination of currency that is not US dollars.

Used to be that the US dollar held a strong place compared to other foreign currencies, but this is […]

Citigroup CEO Steps Down, Analyst Receives Death Threats

In two interesting developments in the biggest banking conglomerate’s woes as of late, the analyst who predicted the banking giants Citigroups downgrading in stock received several death threats, and the CEO of Citigroup Charles Prince, as expected, stepped down in an emergency meeting of the Citigroup’s Board of Directors on Sunday (last night).


Punished By One Credit Card for Being Late on Another?

Has this ever happened to you? I don’t think it’s happened to me, but then again, I must confess that I am not one to read the fine print, or heck, even to notice sometimes that my interest rate seems to have indiscriminantly gone up for no reason at all suddenly. Apparently, there is […]