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It’s a Wrap for Chinese Stock Market

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Yep, I always forget that China is on a very different time zone than we are, as well as fiscal schedule as a result, and even though we haven’t even hit new years eve here yet on the east coast of the US, the Chinese stock market has closed […]

Fed to Enforce New Lending Guidelines

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Due to the recent credit crunch and mortgage foreclosure crisis, the Federal Reserve is proposing rules for all lenders, including brokers and banks. Proposals offered for regulations should be instated by next year.

One of the regulations proposed by the Federal Reserve is to make certain that lenders know, […]

Happy Holidays from PRC!

Just wanted to take the time to wish everyone a wonderful holiday, no matter what holiday you celebrate around this special time of year. And don’t forget, PRC will be providing the best news in finances, credit card deals, credit card news and more reviews of the best credit cards and loan deals out […]

Department Store Credit Cards

Have you ever noticed that when you’re in a major retail store that offers their own store charge cards, that you are always encouraged to use their card to pay for the sale? And further if you politely say no, they ask if you have one of their store credit cards.

After you […]

Credit Card Interest Hikes

Credit card interest rates are notorious for being higher than almost any other loan rates on the market. If you are a good customer that pays on time every month and pays your balance down, you would think that your already elevated interest rate should remain stable. This is not always the case.

Credit […]

Gas Deals

I’m not sure if they have this in all states, but sometimes this program really saves me a lot on gas money for my car, which happens to be a small SUV. It is smaller, but it still gobbles a little more gas than your average sedan, so I do try to find gasoline […]

High vs. Low Risk Investing

I myself, since I am young (I’m 33 years old, this is very young when it comes to investing and letting money grow over time, and I’ve already been investing via my 401k at work and other outside smaller investments since I was in my early twenties), tend to invest in higher risk, higher […]

John Darwin Story Shows Stress of Mounting Debt

We all want to escape when our debts seem to be unconquerable, don’t we? I know myself, when I found myself way in over my head in credit card debt as a part time college student, struggling to pay the bills, and using credit cards to pay for schooling and books, as well as […]

Credit Card Lawsuit : Update

I just wanted to post a quick update on that class action lawsuit that was settled with multipled credit card companies. You can make your claim, if you got a notice in the mail with an official claim number at the top left of the letter, online, and it’s very easy – I just […]

Interest Rates Reduced Today, As Expected

In a move that was expected by most financial analysts, the Fed did end up cutting key interest rates down another quarter of a point today, down to 4.25, in an effort to keep the United States out of a recession and help the ever-worsening mortgage, housing and credit crisis. This was a move […]