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Checking Account Mishap?

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Well, my inspiration for writing this particular post here is that this just happened to me days ago, literally. I have a checking account with a prominent bank, whose name I won’t mention here. I’ve had the checking account since I was in college and it was the only […]

New : Comparison of Credit Card Offers

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We have a new page on what to look for when comparing credit card offers. This means those credit card offers you get in the mail, and also when you’re shopping online or through other various resources to find a credit card that offers you everything you’re looking for.


Starbucks a Little Too Expensive with this New Economy?

Um, well, not exactly. You see, even though the coffee giant has experienced some stalling in their growth over the past year, and their stock has taken quite a beating, they must not be too expensive, what with the long line I just saw there yesterday while visiting a Bombay store that was going […]

Bush to Unveil Economy Stimulus, Credit Improvement?

With all the media-induced hysteria over a possible recession in the works currently, many are wondering if the answer to our current economic woes lie within government action or not. Many economists tend to think that the government should take more of a hands off approach when it comes to the economy, especially since […]

Mortgage Buys?

There may be a market for some good stock buying in the mortgage and banking industry right now. Not only that, but with the Fed most likely cutting interest rates again, there may also be some good mortgage rates that are ripe for the picking coming up if you are in the market or […]

Tax Time! Ways to Save That Money?

Gosh, doesn’t it seem like tax time JUST happened? Well, it does to me, but I suppose it’s because I don’t really look forward to tax time like those that get tax returns every year. I remember when I used to look forward to tax time, when I knew that I had overpaid the […]

Mergers Abound in Mortgage Crisis

Well, it was just recently announced that two big mergers happened in the world of mortgage financing, and one mortgage giant bought out another one the most recently, meaning Bank of America bought out it’s former rival Countrywide Financial for a whopping 4 billion dollars in stock. Another good candidate for a buyout right […]

Banks May Be Cutting Dividends

Dividends is a great word, especially for the investor who likes to not only use the possibility that a stock’s value will increase in per-share price, but also uses the fact that certain institutions pay out what’s called dividends on a quarterly basis.

Dividends are really a beautiful thing, because they essentially split […]

Recession, What Recession?

Well, the political and financial pundits have been arguing back and forth on this for almost all of 2007, and it still “supposedly” hasn’t happened, even though some are saying we may be steeped knee deep in one right now, it just isn’t being called out that way yet. It’s that ugly 3 syllable […]

Credit Card Delinquencies Increasing

Well, when something stops being in the news we always tend to think the situation resolved itself or has gotten better and is no longer “newsworthy” but that is not the case with a big part of the credit problem here in the US right now. There was a report or reports on how […]