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More People Withdrawing/Taking Loans from 401k’s

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Even though most financial advisors will tell you that taking a withdrawal, and many times even a loan, from your retirement account, should only be a last resort if you’re in a financial pinch, many people lately have been taking early withdrawals (with penalties and taxed as income), and […]

Finding Low Cost Life Insurance

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We’re going to talk about something that is very important, but that some people neglect thinking about or talking about with family members. It’s life insurance, and it’s one of the most important small investments you can make in your family, to ensure their financial well being if anything […]

Special Interest Credit Cards

There are a variety of ways to mitigate your “losses” from using traditional credit cards. When I say losses, I mean the interest you invariably will pay for the right to charge things that you don’t actually pay for up front or in full.

As far as actually “mitigating” your losses, what I […]

Balance Transfer Offers You Can’t Refuse

I bet you can count on more than one hand how many credit card offers you get in the mail every week that offer you crazy low balance transfer rates and an introductory interest rate for a fixed period to boot. Well, that is, if your credit is pretty good, because it does seem […]

Investing Your Mortgage Money

This is a very interesting concept that I just recently learned from a friend, and to be honest, I’m really unsure of all the ins and outs of doing things this way to invest money for one’s retirement, but I thought it sounded like a sort of innovative idea nonetheless.

This person, who […]

Debit Card Advantages and Disadvantages

Debit cards are one of the fastest growing forms of payment in this country. Convenience is probably the biggest reason for their popularity. Some of the advantages of a debit card are they are easier than carrying cash. Sometimes you can even get debit cards that reward you with airline miles, or work like […]

Tips to Help “Recession Proof” Your Job

According to many financial experts, we are presently in a recession. Some say we are heading towards a recession soon. Either way, it’s important now to make extra efforts to keep your job and try to make it recession proof. Of course we know there is no such thing as building a recession proof […]

Bank of America Low APR Card Ups My Limit

In an interesting display of trying to win back my using of their credit card, my Bank of America credit card recently sent me a notice that they would dramatically increase my credit limit, enticing me (and yes, it did entice me, but I haven’t used it yet) to start spending on the card […]

Affluent Holding Onto Credit Cards More?

Apparently this slumping economy, or so everyone is saying, has affected not only the working, blue collar class here in the US, but also is affecting the more affluent spenders, which make up a smaller portion of the population here in the US, but also who are the bigger spenders and who contribute greatly […]

Even Bush Admits Economy Not Looking Good

Well, the last person you want to hear admit that the economy forecast doesn’t look so hot is a politician – namely the president. And President Bush has recently stated that he admits the economic forecast, based on the information we have now, isn’t looking too hot. He’s even proposed the now well known […]