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Is Your Money Safe?

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Fears about the safety of individual savings and nest eggs rose with the faltering of Bear Stearns Cos., an investment bank. The Bear Stearns Co. had to sell, at a drastically reduced rate from just several days prior, to J. P. Morgan Chase and Co. for just $2.00 a […]

Money Roles Change in Marriages and Partnerships

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What is the tradition that you always probably think of from the Beaver Cleaver era, where home lives were seemingly perfect, almost never dysfunctional, and the guy brought home the bread while the woman was responsible for cooking, cleaning and child rearing. Very few “traditional” families exist these days, […]

Recession or Not?

Well, I for one firmly believe we are smack in the middle of a recession. A recession is classified as several consecutive months, 3 at the least, where the GDP, or Gross Domestic Product, is reduced, consumer spending is down, and consumer confidence are at record lows. I would say that what has been […]

Why Budgeting Can Be Hard

Budgeting seems like one of those things that seems like such a great idea, and when written on paper, it seems to make complete and total logical sense, and even seems to be the only way to go if you want to have any hope of running a succesful financial life. However, when we […]

Inidividual States Thinking About Stimulus Refunds Too

Well, it seems like many states, at least with progressive-thinking leaders at the helm, are thinking about initiating their very own stimulus program, modeled after the Federal government’s tax rebate stimulus package, but of course on a smaller scale, to help boost the economies in their respective states as well as help individuals out […]

The Importance of Diversification

I just recently became re-interested in investing money, and although most people are running scared from the stock market at times like these, I realize that it can be a truly great time for bargain hunting for securities and boning up one’s retirement portfolio, priming it for the next bullish economy and stock market. […]

Itemizing Tax Deductions

Whether you’re preparing your own taxed or have an accountant prepare them for you, you want to be sure not to miss any deductions you may be entitled to. In the medical expenses area, they are considered deductible when they exceed 7.5% of your adjusted gross income. Besides doctor’s, dentist’s and optometrist’s care, there […]

Foreclosures Hit Record High

In recent news, if you haven’t already heard, supposedly home foreclosures have hit a 23 year record high, which means people are still having a hard time paying their mortgages, and the subprime mess may still have some long lasting effects on the banking industry, and more importantly, on the economy as a whole. […]

Finding a Good Accountant is Important!

I didn’t realize how important it was to find a good accountant until recently I ran into some more intricate tax situations such as investments as well as business expenses. Up until tax year 2007, my tax situation was fairly simple, and I needed minimal guidance on how best to structure my business and […]

Economy Lookout Worse Now?

I, for one, hate even putting this type of headline on this weblog, however, it seems to be what all the news outlets are screaming lately. That is, among all the doom and gloom about our overall economy here in the US, there is a newly surfaced report that the Fed has announced the […]