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Can You Avoid ATM Fees?

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We all hate to pay them, some more than others, myself included admittedly. What am I talking about? Those darn ATM fees that eat up a couple bucks, and sometims up to three to four dollars at some ATM’s, for the privelege of accessing and withdrawing money that belongs […]

Money Markets Better for Your Money in This Economy?

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Let’s talk about the current stock market for a minute. First of all, you should know that I’m not a huge skeptic when it comes to the resilience of the American economy and the American stock market as well. I know, times have been extremely tough over the past […]

Food Prices Set to Skyrocket

In yet more ominous news about today’s economic situation, both microeconomically and macroeconomically for those who enjoy referring back to old highschool and college terms, unlike me, foor prices are being forecasted to go higher than they have in more than 17 years, and they are saying that right now is just the beginning. […]

Small Business Expects No Boost From Stimulus Rebates

Most small business owners are not expecting the fed’s stimulus package tax rebates that, for many, are coming as early as May, to really help boost their businesses in any meaningful way, if at all, according to recent surveys. Some do still believe though that the rebate checks may help stimulate their business. Those […]

Food Prices Likely to Keep Rising

Well, it seems like there are a lot of things at work in this economy that are unfortunately not working for us as consumers, but rather very much against us. While I hate to take on the doomsday tone since I think that the media’s doomsday attitude on the economy, housing market and credit […]

Borrowing Among Consumers Slows

Ugh, it’s hard to keep up with what’s going on in the crazy economy today, isn’t it? I swear just a few short weeks ago, I read a headline that promisingly claimed that US consumer borrowing was on the up trend. Not so any more according to this latest headline, claiming that no, consumer […]

Tax Rebates to Be Spent Practically?

Well, the Federal government was hoping that the tax rebate checks that are fairly generous amounts of money for many people, especially married couples, would spur the economy with a bit of old fashioned frivolous spending. Wait, what did I just say? Frivolous spending? That’s a thing of the past in this gloom and […]

Discretionary “Luxury” Spending Down

Well, in other “woes” of the economy, something that should really be the first thing noticed when the economy takes a downturn, discretionary spending on things that are considered “discretionary”, meaning not necessary or luxury items and services that people typically of a more affluent financial stature would spend their disposable income on.


More Gloom and Doom : Jobs Report

Well, it seems that news outlets are increasingly loving the gloom and doom headlines that try to create mass hysteria, showing that our economy is going down the toilet and pointing toward signs of recession. Why is it that every day, I see the word “recession” in the headlines? I must say, it gets […]

Just Now Getting Refinance Offers

We bought a home roughly one year ago, and we are just now starting to notice we are getting offers from both our original lenders (we got two mortgages, one to cover the balance after the downpayment and one to cover the downpayment), and also from other lenders who would like nothing more than […]