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Fed is Not Cutting Rates Any More?

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Well, I was wondering when they would put a stop to cutting the prime interest rates for the US, in the wake of a further weakening economy and businesses being squeezed which is a trickle down effect. In what seemed to be a never ending stream of news about […]

Talkin’ Bout My Generation….Borrowing More

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Wow, talk about a tough economy. Apparently, recent surveys have shown that roughly one in ten baby boomers and middle to getting-up-there agers, are having an especially rough time, turning to borrowing via lending from friends and family, charities or other relief outlets just to pay their bills. Many […]

Fannie Mae Helping Out in Hard Hit Housing Markets

Fannie Mae, the government mortgage financing arm, has decided to help out the hardest hit housing markets in the US, where home prices are seeing record lows, in hopes of helping encourage home buyers or potential home buyers to ignore all the negative housing and mortgage hype and news and take the plunge to […]

Housing Markets Hit Worst In……

Well, it’s no secret by now that housing really stinks pretty much anywhere you go. Sure, there are those few places that have magically escaped the wonders of the falling value of the average home, and the buyer’s market, so to speak, but the majority of even formerly hot markets that everyone wanted a […]

Credit Card Use Jumps Regardless of Tighter Lending

Counter to what you might think in this weakened economy and the wave of tighter lending standards for almost any type of lending, including home mortgage loans, equity loans, lines of credit, credit cards, auto loans and general loans including business loans, consumers are spending more money on credit cards than you’d think. So, […]

Dividends Anyone?

Dividends, in my humble opinion, are a great thing. After all, I’ve followed a bit of how world famous investory Warren Buffett, the head of famed conglomerate Berkshire Hathaway, invests, and much of the companies he invests in (mind you, long haul), do pay some sort of dividend.

Dividend investing probably isn’t for […]

Credit Card and Auto Loan Spending Drove March

The results are “in” for April’s spending reports on the American public spending habits, and borrowing habits, and it’s actually what appears to be a bright spot in the otherwise dark doppler forecast for the economy as of late. Apparently, consumer spending and borrowing, mostly in the form of credit card spending and auto […]

Higher Percentage of Banks Report Stringent Lending Practices

Although banks have historically had a set of criteria to go by when lending money to an individual or couple for the purpose of purchasing a home with it (in other words, a mortgage loan), many admittedly let some of the criteria either slip by or be minimally qualifying in years past, which analysts […]

When is It Worth it To Consolidate?

My boyfriend and I live together. We do not share bank accounts as I personally do not believe that to be with someone, even married, that you have to share checking accounts, or even credit accounts. We do have our home we bought last year in both of our names, but even that is […]

Stimulus Checks On Their Way

A lot of people I work with were supposed to be getting their stimulus checks that the Federal government is issuing in the next few weeks, in this current week we are in now. Many of them said that the check could not come soon enough for them, many of whom are struggling to […]