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Presidential Candidates and Credit Card Debt

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Well, I guess once you become a part of a presidential race, nothing is sacred any more, including credit card debt and all kinds of other fun stuff that normally is not of public domain like your past drug use habits, your spouse’s history and other dirt the other […]

Fuel Costs Result in More “Stay at Home” Vacation Plans

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The skyrocketing cost of fuel is altering people’s plans and behaviors. The use of public transportation has surged upwards as commuters look for less expensive ways of transit for daily work and errands. With the anticipation that ridership will continue to expand, public transit systems will need to increase […]

Paying Yourself First Isn’t Always Easy

If you’ve read any number of financial self help or money guru type books, then you’ve undoubtedly heard the phrase “pay yourself first”. And what does this phrase, pay yourself first, mean exactly? Well, the point the author is usually trying to make by saying this oft-used phrase is that before you purchase frivolous […]

Peak Gas Prices Said to be $4.15

Well, we’ve heard all kinds of theories, but unfortunately the one that’s sticking and seems to be consistent is that we will indeed be paying over four dollar for our gasoline this summer, and there’s not an end in sight that I’ve heard of.

The problem is that our government is trying to […]

National City on “Probation”

Well, it’s the latest in a string of bank breakdowns, and although it’s not being called that quite yet, National City Bank, one of the banks that has a lot of local branches around here in the Cleveland area, has been put on what is called a memorandum of understanding with Federal regulators that […]

Jobs in Jeopardy Still?

Well, the May jobs report certainly didn’t help the already jittery economy, and it certainly isn’t infusing any confidence into CEO’s about the futures of the companies they helm, and more importantly, the blue and white collar workers that their companies employ. Many CEO’s are reporting they feel not so certain about the future […]

Extra Money : Ebay, Pawn Shops, Garage Sales

Seems like, with the high gas prices and faltering economy, we’re all looking for ways to rake in a little spare change – or a lot of spare change, depending on whether you are one who has also been affected by the massive layoffs that have occurred as of late at many major companies. […]

Home Equity Freezes Lines of Credit

The current credit crunch together with declining home values in our economy has had yet another far reaching effect. Nationwide, banks have begun to freeze consumer’s home equity lines of credit. In the last several months, banks are starting this practice and consumers who are planning on tapping into this source of credit have […]

Comparing Auto Insurance Quotes

Comparing insurance quotes in depth that come in the mail or over the phone may pay off nicely by saving you quite a bit of money. Most of us don’t like change and think that because we’ve had a certain insurance agent for years we shoukd just stay with them.

Without looking into the […]

Quick Way to Raise Money

Many people, amidst what a lot of financial gurus are calling the biggest economic slow down in years, are looking for ways to make a quick buck to help pay for bills in the wake of tightening credit.

Times are quite different than they were even five years ago, when credit was relatively […]