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Foreclosures Up 14% Second Quarter

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Business results and national results on things like foreclosures, bankruptcies and loans, are tracked by a system of quarters, or 4 times a year, by tracking the stats of a given movement in numbers once every 4 years. Business cycles are similar, with fiscal business cycles being tracked on […]

Have You Already Spent Your Tax Rebate Check?

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Most people I know have already spent or are already planning on how to spend their tax rebate check, and I can tell you, most of my friends family and acquaintences didn’t use it on “fun” stuff, they mostly used it for necessities or in a very utility capacity, […]

Citigroup Surprises

Citigroup, one of the largest banking, lending and credit card lending companies here in the US, gave investors and financial analysts a positive surprise last week when their earnings beat estimates forecasted. Before you get too excited though, they beat earning estimates that still did not meet their past performance, but right now in […]

Bank Failures : Who Might be Next?

We are seeing one of the most trying economic times of our lifetimes, and experts are saying that it’s just going to get worse. Banks are failing and the government is needing to step in, many banks are not remaining solvent, and some are struggling just to avoid a major takeover, and others still […]

Florida Oil Drilling to Begin to Save Us Gas Money?

Apparently everyone is so fed up with the four dollar gas prices that do not see an end in sight, that they are easing up their views on offshore drilling here in the United States, something that has been banned by Congress for years now because of environmental concerns.

And the concerns are […]

New President Offers Economic Optimism?

I remember once reading that when a new president is elected, but only if that new president is a democrat, the economy traditionally gets boosted. Well, now I’m reading that if any new president is elected, whether it’s after the incumbent’s two term run or if it’s cutting off an incumbent’s opportunity at a […]

Net Worth Calculation

Well, I’m not really sure sometimes if reading these help yourself, millionaire-aspiring types of books if helpful to the ego or the self perception, and this is one of those examples, although I will say that it has made me realize that if what they say is true, and the calculation they have you […]

Saving Habits Help with Anxiety

Anxiety and stress are probably the biggest issues that effect our state of mind daily. A large portion of our anxiety and stress comes from worries and uncertainties about our financial matters for the present and our futures.

One way to reduce anxieties about money matters is to get in the habit of saving […]

Credit Card Offers Fixed Rate “Loan”, and Other Things

Well, I just got off the phone with my credit card company, who, in a genius marketing ploy, make you talk to an actual representative to activate your new card. Things must be rough if they no longer just let the automated service talk to you and tell you your card has been activated […]

“Oracle of Omaha” Gives Opinion on Recession, Oil Prices

When Warren Buffett, currently the richest man alive at least in the US, and also the head of Berkshire Hathaway, and considered one of the best investors, if not the best investor ever, talks – everyone listens. And when Warren opened up about his feelings on the state of the current economy here in […]