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Consumers Improve in August

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I’ve never read so much about consumer confidence as I have in the recent past months. Or maybe it was always news that was there, I just have now reached an age where I actually care about things in the financial news because I know they can affect me […]

What to Do When a Credit Card Jacks Up Your Rate

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I’ve just recently been in the situation that you hear about all the time. Well, not actually me, but my significant other who also happens to live with me. He has a credit card with about a $6,000 limit on it, and just recently received a bill for a […]

Does the FAFSA Really Do What It’s Supposed To?

The government does put forth an effort to help those in need of financial assistance to further their educational background, however, after recently filling out the FAFS form online (Thank God they allow it to be done online now, I remember this thing being a bear to complete fifteen years ago when my parents […]

Increasing Prices Biggest Consumer Concern Now?

Well, I know for me personally, the rising prices of everything from gasoline to my breakfast cereal is what’s on my mind these days when I think about our current “economic downturn” ehem – recession. What’s your biggest concern? Most would say it’s the rising costs of everything – not just gas, according to […]

Largest Credit Card Fraud Case Solved

It appears that one of the largest credit card and identity theft fraud rings in history has been officially broken up and out of business. Eleven people (so far), have been charged with the frauds which covered a number of large retail outlet stores, including the TJ Maxx family of stores, Boston Market, DSW […]

Credit Cards That Pay You Back

We all want our credit cards to do a little work for us, seeing how we pay them so much interest, and on a revolving basis no less, for purchases we make year round, and many times we see nothing but bills in return. In return for that interest, we may want things like […]

Rich Feeling Pinched Too?

Apparently this recession isn’t just hitting the likes of regular schmoes (like me), but it’s also starting to show it’s effects on the upper crust rich portion of our population also. So called luxury goods are suffering a bit, and it’s been noted that the rich are now “bargain shopping” more, and are also […]

Are We Starting to Put the Credit Card Away?

A recent report has found that Americans, in this time of financial crunch and economic worries, and what is currently a recession that is just yet to be confirmed because all the data needs to be confirmed and compiled, have been forgoeing the credit cards in favor of paying cash for items they need, […]

Privacy and Breach Notices Sent to Customers Affected

My boyfriend just recently got a long, two page letter from a certain company who shall remain nameless, that disclosed that they may have his records, and that someone recently may have had access to his personal and/or financial records, because they were disclosing that they had recently experienced a theft of several laptops […]