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How Do Credit Unions Rate for Savings/Checking?

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I remember when I first started my foray into managing my own money, I started my first checking account (which by the way, I still have my checking account through them) at Key Bank, which is a bank that is headquartered just one hour from me, in Cleveland Ohio. […]

Is Ike Going to Drive Gas Over $4 Again?

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It seems like every time we think we’re going to get a break in this down economy and a break from the ever increasingly ridiculous gas prices that seem to be pinching every American’s wallet, we are hit with yet another natural disaster or some other factor that is […]

Fannie and Freddie Bailouts

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, two of that largest mortgage backers in the US, have gotten bailed out by the US government, and some people think it’s a good thing and some think it’s a bad thing. For one, I think it’s a good thing because this was obviously needed so that many homeowners […]

With Downturn, Have People Stopped Saving?

The economic downturn has done more than just pinch the wallets of Americans and caused them to stop spending so much discretionary income (since they barely have any nowadays thanks to astronomical gas prices, energy prices, food prices and other factors that are exponentially increasing just to live life normally), but they also have […]

August a Slow Month for Back to School Retail?

It seems that the stranglehold that high gas and food prices, combined with a number of other factors that you’ve undoubtedly heard discussed in the news at great length, has had an effect on the month of August’s back to school sales of clothes and other back to school luxuries, with consumers focusing mostly […]

Are the Younger Worse at Saving Their Money?

I remember I had talked about this a while back, the phenomena that really isn’t too surprising these days given the “me” and immediate gratification sentiments that seems to run rampant in both my generation (I’m in my early thirties), and the generation after me, which would put that somewhere in the twenties. When […]

Gustav to Increase Gas Prices Again?

Well, now there’s another excuse for high gas prices, and this time it comes in the form of a natural disaster of sorts, the latest hurricane to rock the gulf coast and supposedly many refineries that will affect the gas prices again (ok, I thought the majority of our oil came from the middle […]

Your House is Worth What?

Sorry, I had to title this with a play on words from one of the more popular (and my personal favorite) HGTV shows that shows people what their hard worked houses are worth, because it only seemed logical. I wanted to talk a little about what I feel has gotten so many Americans in […]

College Student Loans Harder to Come By?

We have definitely entered a new era in the midst of the national credit crisis which seems to have everyone from mortgage lenders to automobile loan lenders running for the hills or closing up shop because many times these loans are simply no longer profitable to them. Included amongst the victims, you could say, […]

Buffett Expresses Views on Economy

Gazillionaire Warren Buffett is talking about the economy, and as usual, when the guru of investing and economics talks, everyone listens. Buffett says that he believes we will still be in what he calls a recession (although some economists have rebuffed that claim because it may not meet the technical definition of a recession […]