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What’s the Holiday Shopping Season Looking Like?

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Gosh, seriously, I feel like all I do lately is provide the latest gloom and doom financial news that permeates the media by the dozens these days, but I guess I have to still report the facts as I see them at least, right? Well, it’s no secret at […]

Deflating Prices Not as Good as You’d Think!

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So, we’re all really happy that the gas prices have gone back down to levels not seen in a few years, to that I can attest, and I personally couldn’t be happier that I’m not longer paying double what I used to for filling up my modestly sized gas […]

Consumer Spending Hits Record Low in October

Well, sorry to report all the doom and gloom, but it seems to be the only news to report lately in the economic and financial sector! Don’t fear though, things will bounce back – they always do, no matter how hard and bad they get, they will be sunny and bright again, it’s just […]

Bankruptcies Way Up in October

Yes, people (or shall I say my friends in honor of McCain), Americans are indeed suffering this year when it comes to personal finances and debts that outweigh their income, as evidenced by the latest bankruptcy filings for October, which just trickled in and staggered most people.

This is only vindication for what […]

Deals to Be Had in Recession

While a recession and prolonged finanical hardship in the economy are obviously not a desirable thing, there are some silver linings around those deep, dark clouds that the media seems to constantly like to remind us of, even when we are almost in the midst of forgetting, at least for the time being, that […]

Saving Money on Heating

We are in a recession and all of us are trying to find ways to trim our budgets. Wintertime often taxes our budgets even when the economy is in good shape. A main concern for all of us is the skyrocketing cost of heating our homes.

Many of us are looking into alternative means […]

3rd Quarter Financial Results Show Recession

Well, the numbers are in for the third quarter of the US GDP count, and it of course points to a fact that many of us have already accepted, and that is that consumers are feeling the financial squeeze of economic conditions, and the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) has fallen by a fraction of […]

Ominous October Leading Way to Better November?

October has been a terrible month for many people – financially speaking. Even so, when I went to the grocery store and Wal-mart before Halloween, spending seemed to be in full swing, as everyone was out buying, buying buying – which is what we need consumers (us) to do in order to get this […]

Greenspan Addresses the Credit Crisis

Alan Greenspan, the former head of the Federal Bank and the Federal Reserve Chairman, which is the position currently held by his successor, Ben Bernanke, has sat down in front of a congressional committee designed to question those that were in power when the crisis supposedly took root and find out what the answers […]

Silver Lining Around Economic Downturn : Lower Gas Prices

The silver lining around the bleak economic world of today’s days is that we are now, quite suddenly, paying a lot less at the gas pump than we were just a few short weeks ago even. That silver lining seems to be lost on people’s worries about whether they might lose their jobs, or […]