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Happy Almost New Years!

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Hello to all the readers of Prime Rate Credit, I’m just calling it in to wish you a Happy New Years! It’s new Years Eve, with only about a half hour til the infamous Times Square ball drops and Dick Clark announces that it’s officially the new 2009 year. […]

So What is a Ponzi Scheme?

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The story that has broken over the past few weeks about former Nasdaq head Bernard Madoff being the head (allegedly alone, but no one really buys that who can appreciate the magnitude of his scam), of a ponzi scheme has brought to the forefront in people’s minds the audacity […]

Merry Christmas Prime Rate Readers!

Merry Christmas to all Prime Rate Credit readers. Thanks to all of you for visiting the site about credit deals, financial news and information on how to get better interest rates and how to take advantage of the current economic times we find ourselves in right now. We’ve definitely been through a turbulent 2008 […]

Spending Remains Subdued for Holidays

With the exception of a few niches in holiday shopping, such as kid’s clothes and electronics like TV’s, DVD players and the such, holiday sales are expected to be not so good for this holiday season, which many have been glooming and dooming as one of the worst forecast sales seasons for the Christmas […]

Obama Has a Tough Road Ahead….

Barack Obama has a huge set of problems he will need to deal with after he is officially sworn in, in January, as the 44th president of the United States, not the least of which is the economy and what is to be done with the rest of the financial bailout money that Bush’ […]

Mortgage Rates Changing Again?

I remember when the beginning of this whole housing, mortgage, credit and financial crisis started. You started to hear about the prime lending rate being dropped by the Fed almost weekly, and it seemed that they would have to be at a standstill since it had dropped so many consecutive times in an effort […]

Mortgage Rates Below 4%?

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Some Are Tapping Their Retirement Accounts

I remember hearing that congress may pass temorary laws that inhibit the taxation penalties that are heaped on people who decide to tap into their retirement accounts before they are fifty nine and half years old, which is the usual age that most retirement, tax sheltered accounts name as their cutoff for no pre-withdrawal […]

Job Losses Worst in Over Thirty Years

I was born in 1974. Yep, I’m 34 years old! This year was also the year that marks the equal time of job losses here in the US, and this year also happened to mark sharp falls in the stock market, lots of job losses, gas shortages, and more. Sort of like what we’re […]

Would-Be Retirees Putting It Off a Few More Years

It’s no secret that with the economic and financial markets meltdown, a lot of people lost a lot of money from their retirement and other sheltered savings and investment accounts, and some of those people were unfortunately thinking they were right on the threshold of retiring, and boom, fifty percent or more of their […]