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Circuit City Liquidates

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I can’t believe that it was just two short years go that my boyfriend and I were in our local Circuit City store, pricing out TV’s for our living room that we were moving into (this was right before we moved into our first home we bought). Everything seemed […]

Obama : Dramatic Action on Economy is Crucial

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Obama – now the sworn in president as of last Saturday, has repeatedly said on stumping grounds throughout Ohio for this complete economic and continued bailout plan which involves several more billion dollars to bail out industries that are crucial to the health and wealth of our economy, that […]

Tips for Scaling Back Spending

Well, times they are a changing, to quote one of my favorite Bob Dylan songs, and only the best of the best retailers and businesses may make it out of this virtual financial storm – and I could use more colorful language there if you know what I mean – with their wits about […]

I’m on Hold to Get Better Mortgage Rate…

I’m on the phone on hold with my primary mortgage company to try to get a better interest rate on my primary mortgage loan, which isn’t bad to begin with, but I’m really interested in getting my primary and secondary mortgage combined, since the secondary mortage rate is higher than I’d like. It may […]

Jobless Rate Makes Job Searches Much More Difficult

The jobless rate jumped in December to about 7.2 percent, which they say is the highest rate since 1993. Not so scary, since we know we all survived 1993, right? Remember, we’ve survived worse – not you personally maybe, but your family members who are older, have survived much worse and maybe even emerged […]

Millionaire and Billionaire Suicides Just Starting?

It started with a French billionaire who lost up to a billion dollars to the massive Bernard Madoff ponzi scheme just a few weeks ago taking his own life in his own office building at the age of 65, and it looks like these financial hard times have claimed another tycoon billionaire who is […]

Just Got My Annual Free Credit Report

Did you know that now you are supposedly entitled to three free credit reports a year instead of the previous one a year? I did not know this had changed, because last I heard, it was just one, and when I did a little reading in an unrelated article, it said you are now […]

Unemployed Taking Pay Cuts Just to Get New Jobs

I just read a really disturbing article, and although it makes sense, and I had heard the rumblings about this potentially happen months ago, I nonetheless feel really bad for people who are stuck in this situation. What situation is that? A lot of people who were previously making six figure incomes at their […]

Who Else Will File Bankruptcy in 2009?

With the large stores that seemed financially stable and have been around since I was a kid at least going out of business in 2008, such as Bombay Co, where I took advantage of a few closing sale items myself in the one up the road that closed months ago, and Linens and Things, […]

Retailers Asking for Tax Free Shopping Holidays

Reatilers, including Sax Fifth Avenue, JC Penney and Petsmart, have written a plea to President-elect Barack Obama, appealing to him to instate several tax free shopping holidays across the US, where shoppers can go on certain days and enjoy buying merchandise without any state taxes added to the total of their purchases. For many […]