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More People Seeking Financial Advice

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More and more people are seeking financial advice these days, whether that advice comes from self study or from other people, professionals, online guides, or books, it’s an increasing area of interest for our population, and it’s no wonder with all the uncertainty and fear that’s culminating right now […]

Obama’s Homeowner Helping Bill, in a Nutshell

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Obama has unveiled part of the stimulus bill that will set aside about seventy five billion dollars in a fund that is designed to help homeowners lower their payments on mortgage loans that he says were ones where people were snookered into buying loans at lower interest rates, then […]

Best Sign of Stimulus Will be Boost in Jobs

Well, the huge, every growing, now almost trillion dollar stimulas package that Barack Obama and his team have come up with was finally signed into action last week. And with that, you’d have thought the economy (ie stock market) would have turned up in response to that, however, it didn’t, it actually went down […]

Timing on Refinancing is Perfect Now..If You Qualify

There is a bright spot in today’s faltering economy. If you are in the market for buying a home, or are comparing renting to owning a home, the timing is excellent for purchasing real estate. The lowered value of real estate coupled with some of the lowest mortgage rates in 37 years can mean […]

Interesting Fed Ideas on Mortgages and Tax Credits

Well, for those of you who may want to refinance in the next year or even couple of years, or for those of you who are first time home buyers, or just home buyers in general in the next few years, there may be some very good legislation headed your way. And, for the […]

Wells Fargo Gets It’s Wrists Slapped

Wells Fargo, which is supposed to be one of the more stable banks these days, has gotten promised somewhere around 25 billion dollars in the national bailout plan thus far, so it’s no wonder that all eyes are on what this company is doing with their money from the taxpayers these days. That’s why […]

Should You Try to Refinance Now – Yes!

These are unprecedented times, and unprecedented low interest rates set forth by the Federal Reserve, and that means that there are lots of people looking to capitalize on that fact because they think they may be able to refinance their home mortgage at a much lower rate. One catch though is that lots of […]

Fed Trying to Make Credit Cards Easier to Get

The Federal Reserve, who is responsible for regulating base interest rates and somewhat for also regulating the prime interest rate, which is what we talk about sometims, is getting ready to launch a new program whereby (I’ll skip how they intend to get this done as I don’t understand it and I think you’d […]

Saving for a Rainy Day

The economic downturn has made the need to save for a rainy day more important then ever. One thing that remains constant in turbulent economic times is uncertainty of what tomorrow may bring financially.

Although it is difficult to set money aside for savings, it can be a life saver in the event of […]

Businesses : The Strong Will Survive and Thrive After Recession is Over

I hate to compare our current economic fiasco to Darwinism, but it really is somewhat of a perfect situation for business owners to really ratchet up their performance, goals and their strategies for being more profitable, more competitive and more goal oriented, while some of their competitors are taking it on the chin or […]