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Bernie Madoff’s Victims Want Justice

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Bernard Madoff will go down in history as pulling off the biggest, most hurtful in terms of psychologically and financially, ponzi schemes in the history of the US. Once a respected fund manager, and even holding a top spot at the NASDAQ exchange, Madoff won a lot of followers […]

How Will This Recession Change You?

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The recession we are currently in may or may not become a more serious event, called a depression. In fact, it may already be a depression, which is something that may not be officially called until months from now for all we know. The unemployment numbers have jumped over […]

The Importance of Getting Good Credit Cards

Getting a good credit card means getting one with fair terms, a low apr, or prime annual percentage rate, just in case you can’t pay the monthly bill off every time and are in turn paying outrageous returns to someone other than yourself, and one that is not going to jack up you rate […]

Tax Time Brings Anxiety…Once Again

I just visited my tax accountant’s office a few days ago, and left it feeling a nagging sense of anxiety. But this is nothing new for me really. Every year, I agonize over gathering all of my year’s information together, making sure I get every possible deduction, since in addition to having a regular […]

Portfolio Losses Abound for Americans

The rate of financial losses for people who did their planning right for their retirement is both astonishing and frustrating. Portfolios are rapidly shrinking for individuals who are already retired or who thought they would be on the brink of retirement by now.

At what point can a client actually file a claim on […]

Local Stimulus Money Requests Exceed Funds (Already)

I live in the greater Cleveland area of Ohio, where there will be some of the Federal stimulus money funneled to due to our high per capita population. Ohio is also one of the greatest states where you can find a job, because of it’s relatively close in proximity population and booming industries. It’s […]

American Express Actually Pays Customers to Close Out Accounts

Did I read this right? American Express, one of the biggest credit card lenders in America, is going to start offering to some of it’s customers to shut down their accounts with them, and get compensated for doing so. I’ve heard of compensating or rewarding customers to do certain things – like maybe buy […]

Interesting Financial Tidbits in the News

In some very sad, angering, and actually one very optimistic story in the news as of late, it can be seen that we are going to keep hearing these unusual stories for quite some time as our country struggles to recover from one of the worst problems in history. The first one is very […]