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Deals on Cars, Furniture Seem to Be Exploding

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Boy I’ll tell you, if you’re a bargain hunter at heart, like I happen to be, then the economic turmoil that has turned everyone into a barterer, businessmen and women and consumers alike, then you are in bargain heaven lately. And you’d better enjoy it while it lasts, because […]

Goal and Priority Setting in Your Finances

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Sometimes, when I look at the plethora of goals I have for my financial future, as well as the many times conflicting goals that I have for things like home improvement, self improvement, vacations endeavors, business endeavors and other various goals that your need money to reach, I wonder […]

Good and Bad Financial News, All in One

Well, this week there is some good news and some bad news for us as American consumers. We’ll start with the bad news first, which is more so bad news for the retailers out there, but we also know that what’s bad news for businesses also translates into bad news financially for we the […]

Another Tax Credit Coming Our Way?

I was surprised to learn, because there hasn’t been much discussion about this facet of the stimulus package the Obama administration has set forth, which is ironic, because it by far would affect the most individual people on a direct basis, where many working taxpayers will get extra money in their paychecks simply for […]

Changes Coming In July 2010 on Credit Cards

There are quite a few changes coming on a bill that was passed (a piece of legislation) that puts a lot of restrictions on credit card lending that were never there before. Some may think that this new list of restrictions may be bad for the economy in that it makes credit card lending […]

Loan Defaults Hit High

As of early April, there have been skyrocketing numbers being reported as to how many consumer loans are being defaulted on and how many are also more than thirty days late. Since this is just what some economists think is the beginning of huge job losses, these numbers very well may rise even more […]

What’s the Bill for the Bailout?

I just read an article that, while it may be from a skewed news source (there’s a particular news channel and online news outlet that is particularly partisan on the side of the GOP, ehem), is pretty staggering when they put the bailout terms into perspective, as far as how much it’s really going […]

Even Daycare Centers Feeling Squeezed

Well, when I read this one, I thought it does make sense, although it’s not one of the first businesses you typically think would be threatened by a severe recession, but coupled with high unemployment numbers, you’d better bet you’ll start seeing daycare businesses suffering. And why not, since many of the work force […]

Are You Counting Your Financial Blessings?

This recession has had quite an impact on my life, although the opposite of what some may think. It has made me feel thankful for everything that I have, that I have not lost like so many unfortunate, undeserving others, thankful to have a functioning vehicle, a roof over my head, food in my […]