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Knowing Your Credit Score Can Save You

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This is a day and age where your credit means everything. It means the difference between getting or not getting the house you’ve always wanted to own, the car you need to get around, and the extra things in life that make it pleasant and enjoyable. Your credit score […]

Consumer Spending Casts Doubts on Recovery

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It seemed for a while that everything was smelling like roses when it came to the economic recovery that has been so hotly anticipated. Not all good news of course, but we had people like Ben Bernanke saying that there were signs of life showing, which to me was […]

Americans Scaling Back on Vacations to Save Money This Summer

I’ve already talked to a lot of people who have said they’re only taking “staycations” (gee, that’s a buzzword from this century if I ever heard one) and going places that are cheap and close to home rather than taking off far and wide to foreign countries of places that are hundreds of miles […]

Parallels to the Great Depression?

Some people like to draw parallels to the current economic situation and the Great Depression which started with a stock market crash on October 29,1929, or many like to think it started then. However, if you look at the numbers concerning unemployment, then you will see that we are nowhere near those numbers now, […]

Job Losses for April the Last Bad News?

There are some good economic monitors that are speculating – let me say that again – speculating – that the latest bad news which was a jobs loss report for the month of April 2009, may be some of the last bad news we receive about our further ailing economy, based on other numbers […]

Are Jobs on the Recovery Path?

Well, it seems like there is a lot of mixed message media going on lately as far as the economic recovery goes. However, I’d like to think that this one very important indicator of the overall economy, and the precursor to higher consumer spending and confidence – the job market improvement – is true. […]

One Bank That Seems Stable

When I was searching for bank stocks to buy, and take advantage of the currently extreme negativity about banks in general given the current mortgage crisis which spawned the greatest financial meltdown most of us will see in our lifetimes, one came to the forefront as a promising business model with a promising outlook, […]

Home Shoppers Taking Their Time

Prospective home buyers have been taking their sweet time looking for potential homes, townhouses, condos and the like to be their next dwelling of choice. And who can blame them?

Aside from the occasional story of the house that everyone wants that sells within a matter of days (yes there are still cases […]

Unemployment Rates Allover the Map

I saw an interesting map of the unemployment rates allover the US right now, and with a few exceptions (very few unfortunately), unemployment has pretty much unanimously risen across the board, especially in states like Florida and California, where the downturn is really affecting people of all walks of life, there are some huge […]

Credit Card Holder Bill of Rights?

That’s right, for all of us who feel that we have been treated unfairly or misled by those ever so tempting credit cards of all types, there may be some sort of a bill set forth by congress that spells out what a credit card holder’s rights should be in the credit card and […]