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Save Your Change for Something Special

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One of the little ways in which we try to spend less money on frivolous things like dinners out and fun things like entertainment, is to save our change whenever we have a few quarters, nickels and dimes that are leftover. I regularly get a lot of change, since […]

Why Good Credit is Even More Important Now

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With the way creditors are still clamping down on their financing stores of cash, it’s more important than ever to have as good a credit score as you possibly can. And what does that get you, exactly? Well, it gets you into a club that most can only dream […]

Retirement Looks Like Pipe Dream For Many

Well, it used to be, way back when, that you’d work for one single company for almost your entire adult working life, and you’d retire with your “gold watch” and a nice pension or retirement nest egg. That was before the new economic reality that unfortunately faces us today, one that has forced many […]

Disturbing Truth Behind the Majority of Bankruptcies

A fact that I read recently really troubled me. It troubled me because I felt for these people who had to claim bankruptcy, one of the most emotionally devastating things anyone has to do in their lives, which can destroy relationships and ultimately create depression and unhappiness, had to file it because their medical […]

Surprise Expenses and Protecting Your Credit

It’s always hard when you think you’re getting ahead and something major sort of explodes into a big bill that you totally weren’t expecting, nor did you fiscally plan for. In other words, you didn’t have one of those cool “emergency funds” that everyone seems to talk about having that’s so important and yet […]

Congressmen May Help Refinance

In an unprecedented time of mortgage difficulties and issues with people being able to refinance their homes in the current credit crunch, there are some wild stories coming in about how individual congressmen and women are actually taking matters into their own hands and calling on behalf of their constituents to get their homes […]

The Importance of a Good 401k

If you have the option of a participating in a 401k at your place of employment, I beg you to make this choice of taking part or not a no brainer and just going for it and putting a percentage of your pay into it every two weeks, or however often you happen to […]

Auto Industry Just More Bad News

Although some are saying that the closing of around 800 car dealerships in the wake of the impending GM bankruptcy is what the company has needed now for years after being oversaturated in the dealerships, of course this is not good news for the economy, since more jobs will be lost of course through […]

College Student Credit Card Debt Skyrocketing

When I read the facts and figures about college student credit card debt, I couldn’t help but get that familiar sick feeling in the pit of my stomach that I always had when I was a college student myself and was going through a really tough time dealing with both student loans having to […]

Economic Recovery Hampered by Foreclosures

The economic recovery would be looking a lot rosier if it weren’t for the piling up of foreclosures that seem to be continuously indundating the economy as of late. We’ve heard some promising signs of increasing consumer confidence, but the foreclosure rate still seems to be catching up to all of this bad lending […]