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Housing to Propel Recovery?

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Well, I suppose it would be poetic justice, or make good old fashioned sense, that the housing market would be the boon of the new day, the start of a new economic era of recovery after several months of economic decline, since it was the bellweather for the demise […]

Unemployment to Run Out For Thousands

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In what some are saying might be the next major glitch in the long recession ride we’ve been forced on, the unemployment benefits for over 500,000 people are set to run out by September of 2009. This means that if they haven’t found another source of income by then, […]

Mortgage Companies Under Increasing Pressure

With the Obama administration really turning up the heat on mortgage financers, they are finding themselves in a mixed pot of opportunity and risk, as they try to figure out who actually is eligible for mortgage help under the new guidelines set forth by the administration and qualifies for special treatment and payment arrangements, […]

Mortgage Rates Down Again

Well, in more good news for those that are first time home buyers, or even second or third time home buyers, and for the lucky few that have found they are able to refinance and take advantage of the lower mortgage interest rates (see one of my previous stories for how hard it is […]

Previously Easy to Find Jobs Now Scarce

This is no real news, but I guess it really hit home for me today on a personal level that this really hits the folks that live around you, the people who are your family, your friends and your aquaintences, but until you hear a direct story it sort of seems like something that […]

Older and Looking for a Job?

So many people have found themselves in this terrible predicament, that every time I read about it, my heart really goes out to those affected so adversely by this prolonged recession. Job losses, the housing market, the severe drop in the stock market, jobs cutting benefits and 401k account contributions, all of these things […]

How’s the Market Looking?

Well, today, the day I’m writing this, is the day before everyone is taking off on their fourth of July vacations, Thursday July 2nd. With excitement in the air, I watched as everyone left the office, off to their long weekends of cookouts, fireworks, camping trips and other fun holiday stuff. Since I’m one […]

Madoff’s Victims Lost Everything Many Times

This whole Bernard Madoff thing is really just enough to make you want to throw up. Here is a man who had millions and millions of dollars in real estate, luxuries, and everything else you can think of the are the finer things in life that a lot of money can buy, and he […]

How Long Til People Recover 401k Money?

This is a question that is on many people’s minds, especially those that are going to be ready to retire in the next 5-10 years and lost a lot of their money that they’d invested in the stock market with the plummeting market that started in October of 2008. It’s on my mind, I […]

Pay is Up, but Spending Still Down

Well, it apparently is true that this recession, which has been particularly painful for most Americans in one way or another, has changed our spending and savings habits, at least for the time being, even as reports that the recession is just now beginning to recede, come in. That’s right, apparently this recession has […]