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Retail Down in July

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It seems like lately we’ve been on a never ending roller coaster of “oh good news” and “oh wait, wait, more bad news” on the economy. So much so, that I’ve learned to take it all with a grain of salt. Yes, me, the ultimate worry wort who worries […]

More Borrowers “Strategically Defaulting”

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With the rate of the housing decline and the fact that many homeowners are questioning whether they will ever recover from the decrease in their home’s value after the housing market’s bottom fell out, it’s no wonder that mortgage companies are reporting more and more borrowers doing what’s sometimes […]

Some “Tax Holidays” Being Cancelled

Several states usually participate in what’s called a “tax holiday” where it’s citizens can go shopping for a period of a few days, usually over a weekend, without paying sales tax on anything. For instance, right now would be the time for the tax holiday for many states that do it because it’s prime […]

But Hundreds of Thousands More to Lose Jobs…

In an addendum to my last “upbeat” report about how I was feeling about the job losses/unemployment report that was last communicated by the federal government’s data gathering, I wanted to state that I don’t want to sound too much like Pollyanna without a good dose of reality. To be realistic, there are thousands […]

Employment Data a Glimmer of Hope

The latest unemployment data has sent a glimmer of hope through the US, and even sent US stocks a bit higher as I write this on Friday August 7th (yes, sometimes these don’t get posted til later, it’s a bit easier that way). But the funny thing about a REALLY bad economy is that […]

GDP Not Down as Bad as Expected

Well, we’re finally starting to hear some consistently good “news” about the US economy. It’s funny because news is all relative. Since when is news that the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) is down even good? Well, since it’s been decreasing alarmingly for months and months now, and the forecast was much worse for the […]

Lessons Learned from the Recession

While this long recession has many of us shaking in our shoes about the future of our jobs, our businesses, our retirement accounts, and the circulation of money in the US, it also may offer us some lessons that can help us both individually and collectively as a nation. First, the recession has taught […]

Idea to Increase Small Business Insurance Contributions

This idea that Obama has about increasing the amount that small businesses pay in health insurance premiums for their employees, I’m afraid to say, is not such a good one. Many small businesses already run a pretty tight ship, and making it mandatory that they pay for more health insurance for their employees is […]

Consumer Confidence Falters in July

Consumer confidence is one of the “biggies” when it comes to the if’s and’s or how’s we’re going to pull ourselves out of the slump we’ve been in. Because when consumers feel better about the future of the US, they feel better about their own future. The better people feel about their financial future, […]