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Dave Ramsey Mixes Faith with Finances

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Dave Ramsey has become quite a phenomenon these days. I first heard of him when a coworker told me she listened to his radio show a couple years ago. Before that, I had never actually heard his name and didn’t know what he did. Then I actually caught his […]

“I Do” – the Cheap Way

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Well, my long time live in love has proposed, and we have decided to do what we always knew we would, which is to get married in Las Vegas. We are minimum fuss types of people, and Vegas seems to be the way to go to get the job […]

Bank Support Ending?

In a recent article I read, a top financial adviser to Barack Obama advised the President and his administration against pulling the rug out from under the federal support of the banks so as to keep the recovery momentum going, that is, the little bit of recovery we have experienced thus far. This has […]

Tea Party Demonstrations Starting

Whenever I hear that a “Tea Party” demonstration/opposition march is starting it always brings me back to the days of sitting in a classroom, talking about the Boston Tea Party, one of the first organized events that gathered folks to protest government spending. Sometimes I forget that these demonstrations still exist, but it does […]

Anyone Can Be an Identity Theft Victim

With all the news coverage and seemingly sensationalized coverage on identity theft, as well as numerous safety services that prey on people’s outright fear of being targeted for identity theft, it really is a problem that is widespread. But there are also increasing ways to provide protection against identity theft which helps to keep […]

Most Americans Feel Stimulus Isn’t Working

Boy oh boy, if this huge stimulus just plain doesn’t work to jolt our economy back to where it needs to be, or at least starts it back on the right path to recovery, I think that the presidential administration is going to have a lot of unhappy citizen on their hands. But what […]

IRS Cracking Down on Oversease Hidden Assets

In these unprecedented times, it’s pretty clear that the government is looking for each and every penny they can scrape out of people for Federal taxes, especially the wealthy, who actually pay the majority of the taxes here in the US because of the disproportionate percentage of their income they pay in taxes when […]

Weighing Benefits of Early Mortgage Payoff

We talked last time a little about people who try to accelerate their mortgage, aka pay it off early. I have tried to add at least a hundred extra bucks to my mortgage payment, sometimes when I have the extra money even doubling the payment, just so I can have the satisfaction of seeing […]

Pay to Mortgage Off Early…Or Not?

A lot of people try to accelerate their mortgage. Let me rephrase that. These days, the people who can actually afford their mortgage, if they want to keep trying, do try to accelerate their mortgage, especially if, like us, you are stuck in a no win situation where your home’s value went down and […]

Nervous Nelly Consumers Hampering Recovery?

Who can blame people now, the average Joes of the world who keep this great economy of ours running by buying things and keeping that American spirit of consumerism alive, for being a tad bit nervous about spending their hard earned cash when they think it might be taken from them again in either […]