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Automate for Less Temptation to Spend

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When I think of all the smartest financial decisions I’ve made in my life, one of the ones I’m gladdest I did in the first place was to automate a lot of my investing for my future. It really is true when they say money is “out of sight, […]

Credit Card Companies are Freezing Rates

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In response to governmental pressure thanks to numerous complaints from consumers – people just like you and me who are working paycheck to paycheck, forging along in this world, and making the most payment that we can to our credit cards, many credit card companies are now freezing their […]

Will Emotional Fulfillment Bring You Financial Stability?

I have often thought about the idea that emotional fulfillment and spiritual fulfillment will help to bring you the abundance you’ve been looking for in your financial life. We all have dreams and desires of being free of the burden of financial problems, the worries that go with working your fingers to the bone […]

Layoffs Slowing Down But Hiring Still Slow

It seems like every day I’m hearing stories about someone getting laid off, doors closing to a business, or people getting their hours cut. Inevitably, these stories end in people searching for weeks, many times months, sometimes a year or more, for jobs to replace the ones they lost. What does this result in? […]

Don’t Act Rich!

I have read a lot of books about getting rich financially, and they almost all have one theme which applies to all of us who were not born into money or had some exquisite twist of fate come our way where money basically just fell in our lap. Let’s face it, how many people […]

Finding the Right Bank

When you’re searching for the right bank to put your hard earned money away in, it’s important to really read between the lines and comparison shop with other banks on a couple different key issues that I like to think are the foundation for whether you are getting a good deal with your bank […]

The Jobs Just Aren’t There Now

Well, we’ve heard a lot of other promising indicators that the economy may be on the mend, however, the most important factor, the number of jobs that are being created vs. cut by companies large and small, still continues to decline, and that is not a good sign at all for a sustainable and […]

The Changing Jobscape

I read the most interesting, if not somewhat frightening, article just a few days ago, about how the “great recession” as this recession we’re still in, has been termed, may permanently affect the landscape of jobs here in America. Most notably and perhaps the most troubling to me personally is the fact that employers […]

Home Sales, Better But Below Forecasts

I feel like a broken record with all the financial and economic news, good and bad, over the past year, but let’s face it, that’s our new reality here in the US. Seems everyone has become their own economic and financial expert, and people who would never even glance at the business and global […]

Michael Moore At It Again with Critiquing of Capitalism

Michael Moore, the controversial film maker who brought us such scandalous documentaries as Bowling for Columbine, Farenheit 911, and my least favorite, Sicko, is at it again, showing up with cameras at places like Wall Street taping it off with crime scene tape and generally making a spectacle of himself in the name of […]