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Mortgage Aid Speeding Up

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Thousands of desperate homeowners looking for reprieve from mortgage payments that they cannot afford, whether it’s due to hardship caused by reduced pay or layoff, or due to predatory lending, have been clamoring to the major mortgage companies for new government incentivized programs that offer lowered interest rates and […]

When Your Home Drops in Value and You Refinance

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I’ve mentioned a couple times before that we are in the process of trying to combine our primary and secondary mortgage loans into one and refinance the whole thing, so now I want to follow up and tell you about the latest developments, which arent’ really what I had […]

Can You Time the Market?

So, what is this phrase “timing the market”, that you see if you happen to have any interest in investing your money for the future and making more out of your nest egg, or even simply doing shorter term stock trades and making those short term profits, rather than the (what I like to […]

Automatic Overdraft Protection Crackdown

I was wondering if all banks automatically enrolled their customers into some sort of overdraft protection program, because I recently signed up for a new checking account with a very large bank, and they automatically enrolled me in one, and even gave me an automatic credit card that would act as the covering agent […]

Mortgage Appraisal Not What Expected

I’ve been talking a lot about mortgages and refinancing, sorry if the topic is getting boring but it seems to be consuming my thoughts these days as we wait to see if we can get a combined FHA loan for our current primary and secondary mortgage loans that we got just two years ago. […]

Interest on Mortgages Worth It at Tax Time?

So, I’ve mentioned before that we are in the process of trying to refinance our house. Honestly, it’s been kind of a pain. In short, there is tons of paperwork, a lot of hoops to jump through, and if you ask me, and I see why banks make a lot of money off mortgages, […]

Is All the Economic Growth a Crock?

The recent claims that the economy has been growing at “record pace”, at least a record for the last few dismal years, is coming under fire from many who will be surprised to see any sort of economic growth or strength continue beyond the massive government payouts and programs that have been put into […]

2010 Shaping Up Well?

Boy, did I get excited when I saw the headline that “growth” was expected in the year 2010, which is right around the corner really, considering we only have another two months and some days left in the year 2009, which I think many in precarious situations, and even if not in bad situations, […]

I’m Now a Chase Checking Customer

Well, it’s official. I’m now a Chase Bank (JP Morgan Chase) checking account customer. Yep, I’ve migrated from my current bank (although I still also may keep that checking account open as well, for various convenience reasons) to Chase, because it is looking like they will now be my new official single mortgage loan […]

In the Process of Refinancing Our House!

Well, a miracle happened, and after we had tried numerous places about six months ago to see if we could combine our two mortgages, the second one we got because we didn’t want to pay the PMI, we may finally be able to combine them. And it’s not because we chased it down either. […]