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Did You Stop Getting Credit Card Offers?

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Sometimes I really have to laugh about the way credit scores and risk calculations work in the world of finance and credit here in the US. First, there was my dubious experience with the FHA refusing to accept my side business income because it went down from 2007 to […]

Not as Much Clearance This Year?

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Well, in bummer news (for me at least, I’m a huge fan of the after Christmas clearance sales where you can find anything and everything on sale at rock bottom sales prices), we supposedly are not going to see much in the way of fabulous clearance sales like we […]

Merry Christmas This Eve…

Today’s post is really going to be short and sweet. I sit here on Christmas Eve, thinking about all the wonderful blessings in my life, and the fact that I have a comfortable home, am not sweating about making ends meet most of the time, and have wonderful friends and family, and all I […]

The Ongoing Refinance Saga : FHA No Help At All

Well, we’re still in the process of trying to combine our two mortgages. Long story short, we have a primary and secondary mortgage, to avoid paying the PMI. The secondary (subordinate) loan is through Citibank, and usually, when you have a secondary mortgage, you are subjected to a higher interest rate. Fair enough, since […]

Should You Ask for a Raise Now?

Asking for a raise used to be a fairly touchy subject to begin with. You got nervous just thinking about approaching your superior to broach the subject. You rehearsed the lines in your head, trying to figure out what was just the right mix of forcefulness and modesty, humbleness and conviction that you were […]

Missed Opportunities

I really want to throw up when I see how many stocks I was seriously considering buying when they took huge headers back in 2008, but was too scared to make the plunge because of all the rampant fear that the sky was falling and that all stocks would go to zero (now that […]

Trust Tough After Madoff for Financial Advisers

It’s no wonder that smaller time financial advice companies are having a heck of a time proving they are not crooks to would be investors after the series of frauds that were committed against investors, most notably the Bernard Madoff scheme, and several others occurred in what seemed like rapid succession. Why did they […]

The Fragility of the Recovery

Nothing brings to mind how truly fragile this economic recovery is more than the news about Dubai. Now, because the debt in Dubai, the playground of the rich, has skyrocketed out of control, they are saying that the plummeting real estate values there, where they once could charge millions for even the smallest home […]

UFMIP : What Is It and Do You Get a Refund?

Oh, the joys of learning about refinancing. I can’t tell you how many acronyms there are to know, and how confusing it all is. Honestly, it’s a wonder that any homeowner ever gets ahead, the way the home lending systems are set up. You pay so much interest, and you pay it all up […]

Student Loans High Interest?

With the overall credit crunch, even student loans have become a commodity that is hard to come by, especially when it comes to government or bank funded, purposely low interest loans that were the given only a few years back for students who wanted to start attending college but did not have the cash […]