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Is It Ever a Good Idea to Withdraw from 401K?

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To put my opinion in a short, succinct sentence, no I do not personally believe that you should ever withdraw money from your 401k account, unless it is for dire circumstances which cannot be financially remedied some other way, instead of raiding your dear life savings and safety mattress. […]

American’s Job Satisfaction Lowest in 30 Years

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As I sit here, thinking about my job, and how at the moment I’m not exactly thrilled with it, even though I know I should be ecstatic just to have a job in the current economic climate we find ourselves in, I remember that I’m not alone. In fact, […]

Returns Mediocre on Investments in 2010?

There are so many predictions and speculations running rampant today on what’s going to happen, not only with the economy in general, in 2010, the new decade, but what is going to happen with the stock market at large as well. We had such an odd year to say the least, with the unexpected, […]

McMansions : The Home Improvement Frenzy

I have seen the destruction that our mass delusion with what we think we can afford has done to people who have been driven out of their homes because they flat out cannot afford the mortgage payment first hand. It seems that this mass delusion happened all at once to the American people, and […]

Cars : Keep It Til It Dies!

My motto with cars has pretty much always been “if it gets me from point A to point B, then I still love my car”. Especially if it’s paid off! And that’s what my current car is, still running and paid off for several months now. I own a 2005 Honda CRV, which is […]

Stores Exit Season with Bare Shelves

As predicted, most retailers have exited the holiday season with almost nothing on their shelves. They know better, they’ve been burned due to overstocking in the past, especially in the unpredictable job and economic climate we’ve found ourselves in lately, and had to let things go for next to nothing. Gone are the days […]

The New Saver’s Mentality

If this recession has done one good thing, and infused one nugget of irrefutable wisdom into people who formerly were big time spenders who never looked at price tags and foresaked a potential gorwing life savings in pursuit of material products, services and high faluting lifestyles, then that is good for those people who […]

Managing Credit Cards Around Christmas

Sometimes, especially if your company happened to cut back on holiday bonuses, or worse, but them out all together as many companies have done as of late with the financial conditions in this country, it can be extremely hard to budget for the spendy holiday season without pulling out the credit cards. We all […]

Home Sales Down, Big Time in November

Boy, it seems like every month you hear something different about home sales. You have to wonder how true some of the information is since you read differing accounts on different news outlets, but this one seems to be pretty consistent everywhere I have looked to cross reference it. I’m interested in what home […]

Refinancing is a Racket

The more I get into this refinancing thing with our home, the more I see how the banks really have several up on average Joe Consumer when it comes to emptying your wallet for seemingly easy services. Since we’ve been involved in refinancing our home, first to combine two mortgage and now only to […]