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Colleges Even Cutting Back – on Financial Aid!

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Well, when you hear about the credit crunch, which has been hounding the US economy just as badly as the predecessor to the great fall in financials such as the housing market going bust, and the massive foreclosures and job cuts and downsizing, you don’t generally about other, non […]

New Credit Card Act in Effect Today

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Today is D Day for all credit card issuing banks. It’s the day that the credit card reform act, otherwise known as CARD, goes into effect, and the day that they stand to possibly lose millons, if not billions of dollars in lost revenue. Let’s talk a little bit […]

Obama Defends Policies as Pro-Business

President Barack Obama has definitely taken some heat over his policies on business, his overall strategies to get us out of the worst economic slump in decades, and his proposed cap on executive salaries, which have become a major concern since the collapse of major companies that people felt gave their executives way too […]

When You Have a Bad Experience, Fill Out the Survey

I recently had sort of a bad experience with a bank, and because I’m naturally a nice person and not willing to stir the pot or get people in trouble, I hemmed and hawed about whether to be totally honest about how the experience left me feeling, or sugar coating it, or not doing […]

Consumers Blowing Off Mortgages to Pay Credit Cards

For the first time in credit card history, it seems that more and more consumers are opting to pay their credit card bills first, even before they pay their mortgage payments. The reason may be the increasing mentality and feeling of many homeowners that paying their mortgage is futile when so many other homeowners […]

Are We Just Prolonging the Inevitable with the Economy?

When you talk about the economy, there is bound to be discussion on the many infusions that the government has put into the infrastructure that supports the American economy. There is also a lot of praise for helping to stop the US from spiraling out of control into a full on depression, circa early […]

Be Sure to Keep Eye Out for “Points” Added to Mortgage at Closing

So, the whole refinance saga is over for us. Did we get a great deal? Not really that great. I was hoping for a half point lower interest rate, but ended up not only getting a quarter point higher than what I wanted, I also ended up paying “points” to the tune of $3,000 […]

Haiti’s Problems Make Us Re-Examine Our Own Financial Bumps

I will admit, I tend to obsess over my finances. I think constantly about how we can pay off debt, how my husband and I can maximize our tax benefits, how we can make more money, and how we can secure a future that is free of the financial uncertainty that I have seen […]