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Don’t You Worry About Credit Card’s Income Drying Up

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I kept thinking with all these new guidelines that have been put forth by the government, limiting the fees that credit cards can charge their customers, and also limiting things like late fees, interest rate hikes, and minimum payment hikes, that credit card companies are going to be hurting. […]

Mortgage Aid Relief Program Garners More Criticism

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Many people, even the loan officers and counselors that are assigned to helping burdened home owners out with federal aid, are increasingly criticizing the so called mortgage relief aid package that has been positioned by the Obama administration. It has been positioned in order that home owners in a […]

Is Now Still a Good Time to Buy a House?

I know that right now, there is still a lot of fear out there in the housing market. People are still afraid that they will buy their home sweet home, their cherished place of peace, privacy and solitude and domestic bliss, and they will see it dreadfully plummet in value. Well, the good news […]

In This Economy, Everyone is Suffering

I have actually had two “full time jobs” for the past five to six years. I work at a large insurance company full time, which is a job that I have had for the past ten years of my life, almost eleven, and am still happy with (shoot I’m happy to have a job […]

Could A Hike In Prime Rate Be a Good Thing?

We keep hearing about how the Fed is going to hike the interest rates back up, then we hear that no, they’re going to keep the base interest rate, the barometer by which independent financial institutions supposedly raise and lower their individual rates they charge consumers and businesses.

Well, this last time apparently, […]

Aging Baby Boomers Get Brunt of Recession Effects?

I know it seems odd to say that one group may be devastated more than another in this temperamental economic climate where millions are out of work and looking for something, anything to pay the bills, or at least to pay half the bills in some cases. But it actually may be affecting one […]

SBA More Stringent on the Little Guy Than on Multibillion Dollar Failures?

I read an article the other day that struck me as unfair, and almost anti small business, because of it’s obvious inequalities between the small business owner, which the SBA (Small Business Administration) was set up to help, and the large, “too big to fail” multibillion dollar juggernauts that seems to be given a […]

New Credit Card Laws Have Too Many Loopholes?

Where there’s a will, there’s a way, and there’s most definitely a will to maintain profits as much as they can, for their shareholders and of course for themselves, for the credit card companies, which were a huge cash machine for so many years because they basically had the run of how to do […]

Consumer Sales Better Than Expected in January

In welcome, but not overly exuberant news, for the floundering financials of our country as of late, we found out that we actually had better than expected retail sales in the month of January. This is good news, because it means that consumer spending is somewhat on the mend, although it still of course […]

Increase Mortgage Principal, or Pay Off Credit Cards?

Many people wonder if they should increase their principal monthly payment on their home mortgage loan or not. The answer really depends on your individual financial situation. Can you afford to throw more money toward your principal, or is that money better allocated to high interest credit card debt, loan debt, or some other […]