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When Will Creditors Really Loosen Up?

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It still seems that credit is a bit hard to find these days. Whether you are a business looking for a business loan or line of credit, or an individual consumer looking to get a mortgage, second mortgage, or even a general loan, it’s tough out there.

Creditors […]

What Are You Gonna Do With Your Return?

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Well, it’s that time again. Tax time. Many of us will be getting returns. Plenty more of us will unfortunately owe the US government even more of our money at the end of the year, depending on a variety of variables and how you choose to claim during the […]

Ideas for Increasing Your Home’s Value

When it comes to our homes, we all want to get top dollar for them when we eventually go to sell them some day. Even if that “some day” is ions down the road, you should always keep in mind that the improvements you choose to do to your home should, if they can, […]

Mortgage Rates Finally Ready to Climb

After more than a year and a half of unnaturally depressed mortgage interest rates, it seems that the Fed is poised to make that change – for the worse for borrowers. Some argue that this is exactly what the economy needs, to spur a real recovery, not an artificially government financed one, even though […]

How Has the Great Recession Affected Your Home Town?

It’s amazing when you talk to different people, from different walks of life, from different geographic areas big and small, poor and rich, and they express how this Great Recession has changed things in their area. It’s almost always something, there is hardly a town or city that has not experienced some sort of […]

Higher Taxes with New Health Plan?

I can’t really tell you my full opinion on the Obama Administration’s new health plan, except that I have this fear that this well intentioned legislation is absolutely coming at the worst possible time it can right now when the US is still in the throes of about a million other economic problems. The […]

Many People Giving Up, Looking for Jobs Overseas

With the job market here in the US still looking pretty dire, even after the reported 160 some thousand jobs added in 2010 so far, the biggest jump in job offerings being added in over 3 years here, many people are finding that they are having to expand their options. I guess a more […]

Average Credit Card Debt Ten Grand?

I was stunned when I read the statistics on credit card debt in households with at least one credit card. Keep in mind this number is an “average” and we all know how these so called averages can get somewhat skewed. Apparently in those households with a credit card, the average debt is just […]

FICO Score Dinged by Late Payments?

I never knew this, but he number one reason for a lower FICO (credit) score is that people make late payments. Even more interesting is that the “ding” received on your credit – or the points deducted from this all too important score, is even higher if you have really great credit than if […]