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Retailers are Seeing Higher Priced Items Go Again

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In a sign that this huge recession, the biggest in our lifetime, may be coming to a (slow) end, apparently consumers are starting to buy the higher priced items that are available again. High end stores are starting to see their patrons buy the higher priced items rather than […]

Retailers Score Victory on Credit Card Fees

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In a landslide vote in congress, retailer’s previously unheard cries against the credit card industry for charging high fees on each credit card transactions, finally won the approval of congress and passed in a victory for retailers.

What exactly were they objecting to? You may not know this, […]

“Aftershock” Book Right or Wrong on Catastrophic Economic Future?

As you are well aware now, there has been a rampant fear that we will return to our former state of economic disarray that happened in 2008. This quick unraveling of the equity markets and the housing market really damaged our investments. Many people lost 50% of their retirement accounts, further adding to a […]

Avoid Falling Prey to Credit Repair Scams

If you’re having several unpaid bills and getting regular harassing calls from your creditors, you must be thinking that you have only two ways to get out of this trouble. One is to declare yourself bankrupt and the other is to take help of a professional who can help you to pay off your […]

Could the Derivatives Market Cause the Next Big Collapse?

I’ve been reading a lot about something that honestly troubles me greatly about the future of our still-fragile economy. It’s the derivatives market. Up until a few months ago, I, being a novice investor and person of modest financial means, was blissfully ignorant of what something called a derivative is.

I still honestly […]

Are Americans Spending Again?

I hate to sound like the eternal, buried head in the sand optimist, but every time I read a sliver of good news about our current economic state, it makes me have hope that this whole recession business may be behind us once and for all. After all, we are the greatest economy in […]

The Value of Ongoing Credit Reports

Your credit history and credit score is one of the most important “ratings” you will ever receive in your life. Why? Well, becaust it gives you the ultimate purchasing power to buy high ticket items like homes, cars and other high cost investments and even some fun stuff, at that lowest rates possible.


What Happened Last Thursday in the Stock Market?

Well, we had a terrible shock this past Thursday when the stock market plummeted by 1,000 points within a record breaking time period. I’ll remember this for a long time to come, because I monitor the stock market pretty closely when I am at work, switching to the Yahoo Finance page fairly often while […]

What’s the Average Interest Rate on Credit Cards?

We talk about credit cards a lot like they are the devil. And there is a reason for that. They are often misused, misunderstood, and they also have a reputation for being very opportunistic when it comes to reeling in consumers with their promises of lower rates, fees, and so on and so forth […]

Credit Card Consolidation Loans – Good, Bad?

I can say that as a young woman in college, and racking up a good ten grand in credit card debt – which meant a lot more to me ten years ago then it does now, I felt that I had no other choice than to go to a consumer credit counseling agency. I’m […]