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Buffett and Gates Ask Super Rich For Half

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Gosh I just really admire Warren Buffett. And now I really admire Bill Gates too, who it took me a while to warm to, after thinking of him as a power hungry monopolizer of the PC business when it was on everyone’s radar so many years ago. Both of […]

What’s the Best Way to Save Money for You?

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Saving money is extremely important to your financial future and success. Many people don’t realize this, and they literally spend more than they make. Instead of putting away any excess cash they have, they actually spend that money and then some, putting themselves into deeper high interest credit card […]

Is an Annuity Right for You?

I had always heard of the term “annuity”, but I never really understood what it was until the investment option was coyly mentioned to me by my accountant since I’m in my early thirties, and annuities are typically for older people who don’t have as much time left for their money to grow. They’re […]

Smaller Banks Better For Savings Yields?

When it comes to bank’s competitiveness in convenience and value for your money, there may not be a whole lot of competition between the little and big guys. What I mean here is that the bigger banks with a million branches versus the small, more localized banks with perhaps the less sophisticated ATMs and […]

Did You Go Paperless with Your Credit Card Bills?

I must admit, I am truly of the generation that loves to use the computer for as many things as they possibly can. I don’t need the “human touch” with most things. I’m naturally a bit shy, so I don’t like a whole lot of face to face contact, and I would much rather […]

How Walking Away from a Mortgage Can Hurt You

It seems that our new economic reality has forced a few game changing rules when it comes to home ownership. With so many people losing their jobs, getting their hours scaled back, or getting downsized, or even not being able to find a job in the first place, it seems that lenders have started […]

How Has the Recession Made You More Frugal?

I know I’ve talked about this a lot, but it really fascinates me how people can really adapt to new situations quickly, and how the mass mentality of society is related to what is going on in the media and around them. I’m no different, trust me. Ever since the recession reared it’s ugly […]

Are You Born a Businessman or Woman?

An intriguing new study came out that suggests that those that become entrepreneurs in their lifetime are likely that way because of their genetics, not just the way they were raised. Certain inherent personality traits that define the entrepreneurial mindset may actually be handed down through generations, in other words.

If your father […]

Free Credit Reports Across the Board Soon?

A law that was passed back in 2003 allowed every US citizen access to one free credit report from the three major credit reporting agencies per year. Those three major agencies who gather credit data and supply reports to financial institutions who are looking to assess the risk they are taking on when deciding […]