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Top Five Ways to Save Money This Year

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With all the focus on saving money and the battered job market and the recent disheartening statements made about the economy’s prospects by none other than Ben Bernanke, I figured it would be a good time to sort of reiterate some of the best ways you can save money. […]

How Do You Qualify for an FHA Loan These Days?

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Going through our recent debacle with refinancing our primary mortgage, and not being able to roll in our secondary mortgage with it and make it an FHA loan (this was the only way the bank could roll them into one unfortunately), I can tell you how frustrating it is. […]

Americans Credit Scores Terrible

Well, it seems that we just can’t seem to get away from the never ending, yet somehow also see-sawing waves of bad news about the American economy, our way of life being threatened, and generally just dismal financial news about how far we’ve come as a nation. Or more like, how far we’ve back […]

Bankruptcies Up

Since the economy’s stability has come into question, some areas of the United State of America have noticed serious downfall, the reason not being precisely detected (even though it is suspected to be a result of the economic crisis which has shaken the economic state on a global level).

Where the situation is […]

Can Your Job Be Affecting Your Mental Health?

One of the leading initiators of stress is related to everyday job problems. There is no doubt that a normal job can affect your mental health. There are people all around the world that begin a new job position; get promoted; transfer to another city or country; start their own private business; relocate the […]

Jumbo Mortgages Seeing Largest Default Rates

In a shocking report I read recently, apparently the rich who have those “jumbo mortgages” that are hundreds of thousands of dollars, and often exceed a million dollars for a home, are now the biggest population of defaulting mortgages here in the US. Areas where the rich notoriously buy second homes or esteemed first […]

Pay Down Mortgage or Credit Card First?

I know how there can be a sense of urgency to get a mortgage paid down. Especially when you look at those mortgage interest statements at the end of every year. And also when you look at the calculations that you’d almost rather not see that show the total amount of interest you would […]

Home Buyer Tax Credit Extended – YAY!

In an effort to again prop up the flailing home buyer’s market, congress has approved an extension on the infamous, and very generous, tax credit for new home buyers that helped to stimulate the market prior to this. Here’s the catch though, that three month extension is for people who have already signed a […]

Consolidating Credit Card Debt

I remember when I was in a world of trouble just after college with a lot of high interest credit cards, which I always paid on time, but which I kept charging up, being new to credit cards and thinking it was almost like free money.

It wasn’t until after college that I […]

Can Cosigning for Someone Negatively Impact Your Credit?

I recently had this situation come up, so I thought I would write about. Naturally, if you’re close enough to consider cosigning for someone who is either too young to have good credit on their own and needs a guarantor for a loan or credit card, you want to help them out. But there […]