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My Credit Must Be Getting Better – Getting Tons of Credit Card Offers!

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I think it’s so funny how seemingly arbitrary credit scores and overall credit standing seem to be sometimes. My husband and I are a perfect example of this. I’m just gonna come right out and say it. I’m the higher earner in our marriage. It’s not because my nine […]

See-Sawing Stocks Require Iron Gut

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It’s a wonder that I haven’t sold all of my stock holdings that are in my husbands self directed 401k plan and my self directed 401k plan. You see, we believe that we can pick stocks better than mutual funds, and we don’t like the fact that mutual funds […]

Most Are Unprepared for Retirement

Studies and polls have consistently shown that most Americans are dismally unprepared for retirement. And it doesn’t just span one generation, this unpreparedness unfortunately spans multiple generations, from baby boomers, to generation x’ers, to current almost-retirees. Where is it that you feel you may fall in this important category? I myself plan to fall […]

How Hard is It to Save a Million for Retirement?

With the recent woes of the American economy and even worse, the tepid returns of the typical blue chip stocks that usually offer a totally reliable return, it’s getting much harder for me to reach my goal of having a million bucks in the bank by the time I retire.

To put some […]

Why an Airline Miles Credit Card Rocks if You Have a Business

I have two United Airlines credit cards, and I absolutely love the fact that I can go somewhere pretty much free of charge about three times per year with the airline miles I accumulate. Sometimes people I tell this to are curious how I rack up so many points in a year.

Well, […]

Why Are Companies Still Not Hiring?

The biggest hurdle, by far, to overcome this recessionary period of US economic history, is the fact that we still are facing a very hard job market. Companies are sitting on billions of dollars in cash, just hording it, because like the rest of us, they are uncertain about where the economy is going […]

Did the Jet Blue Dude Just Do What Everyone Else Fantasizes About?

Well, I bet that the Jet Blue employee who let a giant slide down so he could tell off a passenger that must have ticked him off, and subsequently hightail it off the plane, but not before grabbing himself a brewskie complements of his (former) employer, didn’t plan on making international headlines yesterday.

Or, […]

Cleveland Loses Bid to Get Bank Money for Housing Bust

Cleveland is sort of my home town. Not that I lived right there in the actual city, but a lot of my family is from there, and I am originally from the Greater Cleveland area. Now I reside in the Greater Akron area, and I really like it there. I like Cleveland too, although […]

Would You Be Prepared for Joblessness?

I’ve actually thought about this predicament many times. I’m far from being an alarmist, but I’ve had so many people that I know or that are in my family affected negatively by the recession, losing their jobs or having a really hard time finding one, that it’s kind of forced me to take a […]

Our Credit Card Story

I just wanted to share with you a personal story about how the pressure of credit card debt and other types of debt and financial pressure can really add unneeded stress and resentment to a relationship, in this case a marriage. However, what I do want to point out is that if your marriage […]